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Quick question about how genetic imprints work



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Just now, (XB1)Danish Chief said:

You can get the imprints from the clone, yes. The reason they're so expensive is mainly that it's rare and people probably wouldn't trade them back to the seller, along with the fact that most people would rather just want a lot of plat than be nice to other players.



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9 hours ago, ScobraCK said:

Say you have 2 imprints of kavat A. And you use those to make a clone thats the same as A. Can you get 2 more of the same imprints from the clone? Also, if yes, why would the popular imprints be so expensive?

step 1 - get 2 imprints of kavat a

step 2 - use those 2 imprints to create a clone of kavat a called kavat b

step 3 - get 2 imprints of kavat b

For the same player this is a waste of time as you have still got just 2 kavat imprints.

If you sell the 2 imprints of kavat a it allows another player to get a clone of kavat a, they then create imprints of kavat a, they then sell the imprints to a 3rd player, etc., etc.

Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.


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