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Tran Gun Sub-Gear Select Menu removes Selected Ability Indicator under Reticle


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Steps to duplicate:

  1. Equip tranq gun. Selected Ability dots are still visible.
  2. Use Sub-Gear select menu to select any echo-lure. This will equip your echo-lure gun. Selected Ability dots are still visible.
  3. Re-equip the Tranq gun by using the Sub-Gear menu for that slot. 'Selected Ability' dots dissappear from screen.
  4. Force Unequip of tranq gun.
    • Get on your K-Drive / Archwing
    • press your 'Switch weapon' button.
  5. Notice that ability dots below reticle don't re-appear ever.


Steps to get them back:

  1. Equip Tranq gun.
  2. Unequip trang gun by selecting it using the sub-gear menu.
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