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Mecha mod set status spreading effect not marking procs as your/friendly to tenno.


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So this is a double bug report since they are directly related first it seems that when the mecha mod set spreads procs it doesn't mark them as yours or friendly to tenno. This means that procs that do damage in a AOE can kill friendlies.

Second Limbo's stasis has a interesting interaction with gas procs because it freezes proc timers it means that when the procs are spread not only does it spread the toxin procs, but also the gas procs. This seems to result in the enemies radiating out invisible gas procs periodically, not only does this seem to inflict new toxin procs on enemies but it also effects allies resulting in instant death in most cases.

Admittedly this is only really a issue with Blast, Gas and Electric procs. With only Electric likely to kill you as Gas will only ever really happen with Limbo and blast will just knock you down, but I thought it would be a good idea to bring this up.

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