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Can we get a defy augment? + some ideas


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Since defy is pretty much the only reason people play him after the iron jab nuke build was fixed. I think an augment for defy (unless DE plans on completely reworking that ability in the near future) would be cool.

Some potential ideas for a defy augment:

-Proccing defy grants bonus dmg on your next attack possibly for allies as well.

-Radial cc of some sort whenever defy is procced. Maybe a knockdown, a blind or a pull similar to Exodia Hunt.

-Casting defy taunts enemies. Taking damage from taunted enemies grants Wukong, and maybe nearby allies, bonus damage. Also since Wukong already taunts when u cast defy I feel like this would be very fitting and again would maybe make him viable in parties.

-X% damage taken by nearby allies is redirected to Wukong. This could be balanced even without a cap. Could also add that bonus damage or maybe some other team buff into this.

-Spawn a clone of Wukong every time your defy procs for a duration. Clones wouldn't have to be strong or anything. (We WuWus need friends)

-Taking damage increases Wukongs melee range or damage or attack speed or maybe even sprint/parkour speed, again maybe for allies as well.


I'm not a game designer so I got hardly any clue on how busted some of those might be but dear holy Nazareth in heaven it's getting lonely as a Wu main, gimme something a deluxe, an augment some half-assed buff will do too.


Thanks for reading!


"Speak softly and carry a big stick, Tenno" -Lotusdore Spacemamavelt

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Nice ideas, but it might be a bit too complex. I think some of these are really good, but some are just too much. Personally, I would like to see the taunt and damage redirection the most. The radial cc is already in Cloud Walker, and the clone thingy is just a bit too extra. Once again, good work on the ideas, but...

Just now, Loza03 said:

There is no way anybody from DE is going to see something in Off Topic. 

They don't read General Discussion, let alone here.

You'd be better off putting this in fan concepts.


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