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  1. Really that bad. Or at least it was at launch, they might have fixed it by now.
  2. In a loading screen? It might be the Zephyr Deluxe ship skin, in which case you can buy it for plat.
  3. No, I would not be sad To be entirely honest, Level Scaling as it currently exists is broken, because everything scales at different speeds and 90% of player tools don't scale at all (but 10% DO. All at different rates, of course), and a ton of stuff is completely level-divorced anyway - mainly the likes of Invisibility or Crowd Control. Level scaling doesn't make the game more interesting at the moment, so de-emphasising it (I suspect removing it entirely would be a waste of time) in favour of set-level content is probably better in the long run.
  4. Alright, fine. Here's your prize.
  5. Energy needs a full overhaul, if we're being honest. The current baseline system was literally designed for a completely different genre of game, which is probably why the others are so overtuned to attempt to compensate. But they're trying to put a universal amount of energy gain on over 40 different frames with vastly different levels of output, rarely with any substantial difference in cost. And it's Balance 101 that more power = less uses. To use Dungeons and Dragons vernacular, 'Wish' is not a Cantrip. The current methods probably need a nerf, including Pizzas (even if that ne
  6. If that's what you want, then they can't be oneshot killing machines that outperform the player by a wide margin with 200% damage buffs on top of fully-modded weapons and near-perfect accuracy. They'd need to be brought down to Kavat/Kubrow level if they're going to reasonably be there for the whole mission. You can't have it both ways.
  7. Indeed. Like I said earlier, I would argue it's less that scaling itself exists as much as it is that only SOME things scale, and those that do don't at the same rate.
  8. Most abilities don't, butthere have been a few that do, either directly or otherwise - usually otherwise. For the former, Grasp of Lohk's lasers deal 50 Void Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × Enemy Level. So, with Intensify, a level 100 enemy will create a spectral gun that deals 6500 damage per shot, For the latter, Khora's Whipclaw is probably the most notable example, scaling like a melee weapon. And, of course, Melee itself. Again, I remind everyone that Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds are stronger than every other available mod of their respective category that isn't an augment or rive
  9. No, no they do not. They have a substantial health bar and health regeneration, that lets them survive reasonably well, and if you have combat upgrades and a halfway decent modded gun, they'll damn near oneshot everything, including Steel Path enemies, before they even get close. And that's fine because they have a 7 minute cooldown (yes it's 10 minutes, but they're out for 3 of those minutes, so in practice it's 7). Which means they're a rare, but valuable asset you can only deploy a limited number of times.
  10. This design has also come around and bitten them in the rear - as they've mentioned on Devstream 153, the sheer number of enemies that need to be spawned in order to make 'Quantity over Quality' seem meaningful doesn't work with their engine when they need to keep the AI active, without the normal performance-saving tricks, over 5 different places at once potentially, which limits their ability to make any sort of Railjack content, and probably doesn't help for other sorts of potential co-operative game modes. Quantity over Quality has had its issues before this point, but now it's also p
  11. Presently on a mini-break from WF, likely until Tempestarii shows up. In the meantime, I've been prepping for my DnD games and struggling at life thanks to Uni.
  12. In my hubris, I allowed myself to become aware of Hero Forge. Now I can barely stop myself from conceptualizing NPC's using it.
  13. Could go either way. If my history GCSE has taught me anything, humanity keeps on driving itself to near-destruction and keeps on living anyway.
  14. For reference, 100 years ago, Women didn't have the right to vote, the League of Nations was just coming into existence, Ireland was becoming its own country as distinct from England again, the CCP was created, but the USSR didn't yet exist. In other words, if you were travel back in time 100 years, you'd be placed in a culture deeply alien to the one we live in now. It'd honestly be somewhat of a pipe dream to imagine that the game is alive after 100 years - it's a pipe dream to suggest that the technology the game runs on is even still in production! In other words, no, Exc
  15. FTFY Storm Shroud is just not a fun ability to fight against. It's such a clear example of how trying to fight the cheese by adding cheese to the fight just makes the fight cheesier. Whenever Storm Shroud goes on the fight turns from a battle of good aim and mobility to evade attacks whilst still being in a good position to retaliate to: In other words, the best way to fight a cheesy 'damage reflection' invulnerability boss is to give yourself invulnerability as well and outlast it. Which also, naturally, makes the whole 'mobility' part of the fight moot for the most part since wit
  16. I would have to disagree. Certainly, the execution hasn't always been up to snuff, but DE have certainly shown off some interesting boss designs when you divorce the encounters from our absurd power creep. Alad V: multi-target bosses are nothing new, but I can't think of that many that necessitate half-killing one boss before being able to kill the other, but which discourage killing both. It's a neat little semi-puzzle encounter. Raptors: good multi-phase design, again with a nice little semi-puzzle element in figuring out how to progress to the next phase. Vey Hek (Chicken Pha
  17. Scaling isn't necessarily a problem, and neither is the lack thereof. They have their pros and cons each. For example, one of the big advantages of scaling is that content can also be scaled down, preventing the issue where power players curbstomp lower level missions - which in turn opens the possibilities for execution-based challenges. Of course, that in turn might dull the power fantasy by making it seem like you never get any stronger. By contrast, non-scaling stuff has discrete values which is way easier to mentally build loadouts around. The issue lies in only some stuff scaling, t
  18. The problems that balance issues create become worse with time, is the issue. That's because, if new content is built on top of an unbalanced system, it will affect that system. Consider defence - it's heavily criticised as a game mode in Warframe despite being reasonably popular in other experiences. That's because Defence, almost as a concept, has been so thoroughly power-crept by Warframe's balance issues as to have simple, straightforward strategies with almost no engagement whatsoever. Now, consider how many horde-based games have some kind of 'defend against waves of enemies' as a m
  19. There's a difference between power level and the meta. Just because Limbo isn't the 'meta' doesn't mean he's not got the potential to be absurdly powerful. The fact is, stasis gives him the ability to not only CC everything, but be immune to damage from everything that isn't CC'd - effectively giving him perfect defence and reasonable offence. This, in turn, means that DE needs to design entire game modes around Limbo, either around the assumption that he's there or (more usually and reasonably) that he can't just beat the game mode by pressing two buttons. Scarlet Spear was just an examp
  20. As a fan of Limbo, and a strong believer in balance, I can't reasonably agree with many of these changes. The rift should have a hard-counter in nullifiers. Even though nullifiers are horribly misplaced in current design, that's due to frames like Limbo having the potential to be oppressively powerful in the first place. I actually have few issues with this. I like the cone banish, but I don't really think this would break anything. The only adjustment would be I'd make the cross-plane banish single-target only, but increase its linear range, possibly with an increased c
  21. Overall? Probably Inaros, since he's overall the one with the least stuff. Sure, he takes hits and heals himself real good, but he's not got anything that's genuinely interesting. Even a Mesa glued to her 4 is more interesting. As for most boring single power, Stasis, in large part because it actively removes what makes Limbo interesting. Since stasis basically makes being in the rift have no actual risk irrespective of how many enemies there are (assuming they're vulnerable to stasis in the first place, which 90% are) it basically takes an interesting gameplay mechanic of managing your p
  22. I have elected to surrender my soul and I bought Kingdom Hearts 3 on Epic. That damned WF Epic crossover worked it's insidious deeds. And TBH I don't really care I'm getting 3 months of Disney+ anyway.
  23. Actually, he was explicitly being controlled: "Then the question is, if it is not Tenno-controlled, what entity dominates it? That is the true prey. I must have that other for my Sanctuary." "Let us begin the final hunt. Defeating Chroma will allow us to Synthesise it… only then, we will learn the secrets of its controller." "SHUT YOUR OSCILLATOR, SIMARIS. Operator, use the scanner on the Chroma. You do not have to kill it, or risk yourself. You can release it from its control with the scanner!" "Excellent work, Tenno. You’ve severed the control of Chroma. The hunt is over
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