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[WTB] Lotus Kubrow Imprints.


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10 минут назад, Xianyu сказал:



I could let either of them go for 250 plat each~


Alternatively, if you're interested in a chesa that is very distinctive, I have Shore. He's the other rare colour scheme, 'Merle', have a look: https://imgur.com/Jz1whva

Oh, I'm really interested in the first one! Very pretty 😄
I'm ready to buy it whenever you can.

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9 hours ago, Xiahan said:

I'm looking for a decent-looking Lotus Kubrow imprints. Doesn't matter which breed, but preferably Sunika/Chesa/Huras. Body type doesn't matter.
Willing to pay in range from 100p to 350p.
Please put the screenshots too.

sunika -with rare orange -300p both prints 


alternatively, I have this one with gold, which is marked as 400p but i'll let it go for 350p 


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