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  1. please remember height isn't carried on imprints. imprints carry: color/pattern/breed/build only. 1) Huras -bulky common color/pattern -50p both prints 2) huras- bulky common pattern/color -50p both prints 3) huras- bulky common pattern/color -50p both prints 4) huras -bulky common color /pattern 40p two prints join the biggest kavat/kubrow breeders discord! https://discord.gg/w8uH4mF
  2. Fixed some Look Link issues and diorama issues with the new Companions (mismatching tails, for example). you fixed the floating but killed the color feature, and kavat/kubrows are still wrong in the look link
  3. we can no longer view what colors are on our kavat/kubrows, please fix. 😭 this was something very important for kubrow breeding, and helped people know if they had rare colors, and help reduce scamming in trades as people could prove they had rare colors. now: before 29.2.0 : also the kubrow look link STILL doesn't show the kubrows correct build and shows every kubrow as athletic males, The kavat look link shows all kavats with the same type of tail even if the kavat has a different type, (this is something I have mentioned before and has been broken
  4. some of the flowers are still hidden in the walls.
  5. only 40? :P I have like 250+ slots, and I only heep the high end ones (that includes solid colored kavats as well though)
  6. you still have to do all this now to make high end kubrow, its still a lot of RNG, mixing and re-mixing. spending tonnes credits and resources on cores and if your like me plat for rushing. XD only thing thats better is the amount of kubrow eggs you can store really, (and companion slots are now a lot cheaper 2 for 12 instead of 10 for 1)
  7. its annoying but its not any worse than normal kubrow grind. I am more saddened they used the MOA system for them rather than normal breeding, I was looking forward to imprint mixing and randomised incubations. *cough* shameless plug *cough* the server as mentioned. (3k+ members) https://discord.gg/w8uH4mF Warframe Kubrow & Kavat Breeders!
  8. this has been an issue since vasca's came out, I posted about it at the time but it got ignored and archived. was hoping for a fix when 2.0 comes out buuuutttt like that was supposed to be in march DE really doesn't seem to care about pets much. (the new infested pets are more like moa's rather than breedable pets)
  9. thats dumb and a super $&*^ish thing to say. especially when some players preemptively brought plat with real money to buy stuff then have to pay yet again because theses pack's were not pre-announced. not everyone can afford to spend extra money on game cosmetics twice.
  10. Sunika bulky lotus -single rare! common/common/ rare orange -300p both prints Raksa -bulky stripe -all black fur! ( infested/derelict/void) 300p both prints or best offer huras kubrow bulky -common -60p both prints Huras bulky -patchy -common -60p both prints chesa rare merle pattern 50p both prints smeeta -100p two prints /120p three prints Adraza kavat -tufted/leaf -40p two prints /60p three prints
  11. interested in kubrow/kavat breeding? want to learn more about the new infested companions? come and join us on discord! nearly 3k members! https://discord.gg/w8uH4mF Huras bulky lotus -rare blue/rare gold /common blue -800p both prints or best offer Raksa -bulky stripe -all black fur! ( infested/derelict/void) 300p both prints or best offer huras kubrow bulky -common -60p both prints Ad
  12. Im on my third warframe, who's flower is growing, but my second one never gained one at all (wukong) (so the 'fix' did not seem to fix it for me)
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