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cant log into the wf client.



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9 hours ago, apailofwater said:

so I have the same exact email and I can only log into the website but not the game. Why is this?


DE use a third party DDOS protection for the servers according to 2 tickets responses I have seen posted recently about login issues. It seems to be catching some player IP addresses and DE have said they can't manually unblock these addresses. As IP addresses are usually assigned dynamically yours may have been involved in attacks or similar in the past that have nothing to do with you but have been flagged up by whatever protection service DE uses. The support tickets suggested using a VPN or asking your ISP to see if they can give you an IPv6 address.

You could try going to www.whatismyip.com to check your address and then turn off your modem/router for a bit to get a new IP address. Some may only need to shut it down for a few minutes but others might have to wait for a couple of hours depending on how quickly your ISP recycles addresses.


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