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Serious critical hit/critical damage bugs for exalted melees weapons


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I was testing a new build for my Valkyr talons and ran into 2 bugs that I haven't been able to find documented anywhere. Both of these bugs affect the exalted melee weapons of Excalibur, Wukong and Valkyr. Both bugs have 100% reproduction rate across multiple machines and accounts.


The first is that all melee hits using exalted melees show the yellow critical damage number, regardless of whether the attack was actually a critical hit. This can be shown by unequipping all mods from the weapon and meleeing a high level enemy without shields in the simulacrum while maintaining 0x combo multiplier.

What you would expect to see is lower value white numbers on non-crits, and higher value yellow numbers on critical hits. What actually happens is that both the non-crits and the higher damaging crits both show yellow damage numbers. This is functionally irrelevant but provides incorrect information, so I included it here.


The second and  far more serious bug is that the actual critical damage multiplier for exalted melees is only a fraction of what is listed of what is listed. For Excalibur and Wukong this number is 12.5%, or 1/8 and for Valkyr it is 25%, or 1/4. What I mean by this is that the BONUS critical multiplier for exalted melee hits is only amplifying the damage of critical hits by either 1/8 or 1/4 of what it should.

For simplicity, let us assume the base damage on all three exalted melee weapons is 100. These three weapons all have a 2.0x critical multiplier, which means the bonus damage dealt on critical hits is equal to 1.0x the attack's base damage. Due to this bug however, that bonus value appears to be reduced to (1.0/8 = 0.125) for Excalibur and Wukong, and (1.0/4 - 0.25) for Valkyr. This means instead of dealing 200 dmg on a crit, Excalibur and Wukong deal 112.5 dmg, and Valkyr deals 125 dmg.

With the mods Organ Shatter (+90% crit dmg) and Gladiator Might (+60% crit dmg) the critical multiplier becomes 5.0x. In this case the bonus multiplier is 4.0x the base damage of the attack for critical hits. For this scenario Excalibur and Wukong would have a multiplier of (4.0/8 = 0.5), while Valkyr ends up with a bonus of (4.0/4 = 1.0). Here we end up with Excalibur and Wukong dealing 150 dmg on a crit, and Valkyr dealing 200 dmg.


I am unsure as to when these bugs became an issue, but I only noticed recently myself and have been unable to find anyone else who is aware of them. If these bugs are not already known and actively being worked on, they need to be ASAP.

For the record, I also tested both issues with the exalted ranged weapons of Mesa and Titania, but neither weapon was affected.

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The first bit is just what happens when you hit unaltered enemies with any melee weapon (or enemies with their AI turned off in the simulacrum), basically the same as when you melee an enemy while it's blinded or you are invisible. Been that way since early beta.

The second is interesting and I'll have to test in a bit 😛

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Ah, I didn't actually think to test with the AI on for the first bit so that's my mistake. I must admit I was more occupied with the crit damage bug, and probably wouldn't have bothered posting if the first part was the only thing I noticed.

Thanks for clearing that up though, appreciate the reply 😄

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