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Moas triggering alerts on spy missions


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Wasn't really sure where else to put this in the Fortuna issues but I don't think this is meant to be designed this way but I dunno. Ok so I'm usually more of an animal pet player, in my time playing I've had very few instances where my pet would make an enemy angry in a spy area and set the alarm off. This seems to be becoming the norm with the moas though (and no, I have dandy tophat boy, not the one with the hacking skill.)

You see, I'm not sure so much that it's that he's being seen, so much as he's attacking npcs in secured areas and aggroing them. Now, I'm not normally a sentinel user, so I'm really not sure how that normally pans out in spy missions for sentinel users, but I am quite aware that sentinels have a different attack precept you could stick on so they aren't the one firing first (although honestly that's probably inefficient for regular play I dunno.) While with my kavats and kubrows I've rarely had issues with spy missions, the moa on the other hand seems to be very aggressive and just go running in guns blazing when I'm quiet and there's no alert level whether it's in Vallis or in a regular spy mission. I've used him with Ivara with stealth on him, he'll fire from stealth and doesn't care at all, also, I've used void mode on operator as well and he'll often do it there as well.


I guess really I'm not sure if it's a bug but I don't think they should be running in guns blazing into these things it seems like it'd make them a lot less useful to want to keep around if they were. Seeing as moas have to movement AI similar to an animal pet but the weapons like a sentinel maybe there's some kind of disconnect in how the AI deals with that since sentinels normally know how to use those based on a precept mod? I dunno

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Most Sentinels only have "guns blazing" or "don't attack at all" mode (with no precept mod equipped).
Shade has a precept that supports stealth by only attacking if you get attacked.

Kubrow/Kavat attacks are silent just like Deconstructor (Helios exclusive Sentinel Weapon) but most weapons are not.

I don't think it's a bug. MOAs are rather big machines with lots of moving mechanical parts. They are probably rather loud just moving around and not built for stealth.

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