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Arcane didn't rank properly


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So i have one Arcane Guardian rank 1 and three Arcane Guardian rank 0. When i selected the upgrade - it showed rank 2 Arcane Guardian but ended up giving me another rank 1 Arcane Guardian instead. So now i'm stuck with two rank 1 Arcane Guardians.

Can this be fixed or am i stuck with this crap? Because i have not been getting love when it comes to Arcane Guardian.

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19 minutes ago, Dhrekr said:

It sounds like you pressed the upgrade button on the wrong arcane and there's nothing we can do for you.

Oh boy. Sad day

Is this something done intentionally though, gameplay wise? Shouldn't the interface be more intuitive since unlike mods, arcanes take up no additional capacity therefore the highest rank would therefore be the most logical thing to get the utmost benefits; correct me if i'm wrong.

You may close this thread if i am wrong and my point is utterly invalid.

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58 minutes ago, Ezciel said:

Is this something done intentionally though, gameplay wise?

Some people[who?] have been running Arcane Nullifier during Eidolon hunts - when you reach 100% resistence to Magnetic procs, the Eidolon scream will not manage to affect your energy.

To get a 100% resistance to mag procs, you can just equip a Rank 1 and a Rank 2 (it costs only 9 copies... you can equip a Rank 3 and Rank 0, but that costs 11). So in this case it makes perfect sense to allow you to independently rank two Arcane Nullifiers.


And, if you're going big, let's say that you want to run two Arcane Avenger - for a potential total of 60% Crit Chance. Let's say you are in the middle of your grind and have collected 12 copies of Arcane Avenger. You could build a Rank 3 and a Rank 0 - giving you a 37.5% when they both proc. Or you could build a Rank 2 and another Rank 2, giving you a 45% when they both proc. Two partially ranked Arcanes would be better - and you need to be able to control what you're doing.


The only thing I can say is: maybe you can find someone who'll buy it and give you some plats. Some new-ish player who has very little Arcanes could want to buy an already-levelled (!!!) Arcane Guardian. Ranked Arcanes can be exchanged, so there's that.

(Or keep it for when, like a true veteran, you'll run two Arcane Guardian on your Valkyr for that sweet sweet 1200 additional Armor)

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Thanks for the reply Dhrekr.

You make good valid points but still i would wish that you could undo something like this within a grace period of say "10-60 minutes" because it just seems rather costly and unfairly punished for a tiny mistake.

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