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  1. I'm sorry, are you under the delusion that being polemic with a moderator who's reminding you DE's official position can help your cause? You earlier speculated that maybe everyone here is too young to understand what you understand. But, truth to be told, you sound half my age.
  2. Well, here's somebody who's really buying the hype.
  3. Avevo l'impressione che ci volesse di meno, ma forse hai spammato tentativi e per questo ti ha allungato il cooldown.
  4. I would positively hate this. DE's problem with content draught is that they are slow in making new quests and such. "Make a new game instead" only makes the problem worse.
  5. Tennogen can only reshape the helmet. Is the bit that bothers you on the helmet? If yes, the answer to your question is yes. If no, no. It's really that simple.
  6. Ti blocca per un certo tempo. Dovrebbe sbloccarsi tra qualche ora, per quanto ne so. Sii paziente.
  7. "Di parte". Che banalità. Cielo, l'enorme banalità di quest'accusa. Siamo tutti d'accordo che DE si prende il suo tempo. Molto tempo. Una tale quantità di tempo che a volte non mi viene voglia di giocare per mesi interi. Ovvio che sono critico di DE. Ci sono molte cose da criticare. È un mese che non apro il gioco perché l'unica emozione che mi causa è il tedio. E tu, con la forza combinata dei tuoi neuroncini dorati, vieni a dirmi che dico sempre che fanno bene. Detto ciò, criticare DE in qualcosa non significa dover sbavare per la rabbia qualsiasi cosa facciano. DE fanno alcune cose male, alcune cose lentamente, e alcune cose bene. È giusto che noi diciamo quali sono le cose che ci dispiacciono, e le cose che ci piaciono. Tu dici che non ti piace che annunciano e discutono i loro piani con grande anticipo. Sei libera di pensarlo. Io dico che mi piace e che, se non ti va, la soluzione a questo tuo problema è semplice. La soluzione al mio problema del tedio, no, purtroppo non è semplice.
  8. Molti di noi hanno piacere a rimanere informati. Rimanendo consci che ci vorranno mesi o anni, sapere cosa ci aspetta è interessante. Se la cosa ti innervosisce perché non ti piace che annuncino cose con anni di anticipo, puoi sempre operare la scelta di non informarti.
  9. Cara stella, ci stai dicendo trivialità. Ovvio che DE si prende il suo tempo per queste nuove updates. Lo sappiamo tutti. Lo sanno pure loro. È talmente ovvio che non capisco nemmeno cosa ci guadagnamo a discuterne.
  10. Ok. Abbocco. In quale modo Duviri, Empyrean e New War non ti soddisfano?
  11. Oh! Ero invidioso della sezione inglese. Lì hanno una dozzina di thread così ogni settimana, stesso tema, zero idee nuove. Ma qui nella sezione italofona questi thread scarseggiano! OP: se sai parlare l'inglese, puoi fare una ricerca. Ti ci vogliono 30 secondi e avrai thread da leggere per giorni. Dovrebbero rispondere tutte le domande che hai.
  12. Another day, another "let me migrate account" person who dudn't bother doing a quick search and say what the previous 1000 threads on the subject agree on.
  13. So basically DE should make two teams so that any project in the works proceeds at half speed? The content will come out as fast as now. DE already does this and this "solution" seems to rely on thinking that projects proceed at the same speed no matter how many people work in the team. It's not.
  14. I mean... aside from cosmetic reasons, the only critique that you offer against the current Glyph system is "sometimes I derp and forget who I am supporting", which... yeah. It's not very solid. By the same token, your own solution is bad, because there's going to be people who come to the forum and say "well I sometimes forget to change the Syndicate I'm supporting and go into a mission and I get standing for a syndicate other than the one I want for". If your problem is "sometimes I forget", then your solution solves nothing. I mean, I can relate with "I want to be as pretty as possible, why can't I go around like a Red Veil pimp while supporting Cephalon Suda".
  15. "What if Unvault was like 0% unvaulting and 100% like Prime Access but also only Sentinels?" Yeah no thanks. Let Prime Unvault do what it does.
  16. I'm sorry, but this is just surreal. It's entirely nonsensical. The price of maxed Primed mods depends on the amount of Primed mods (which increases over time, probably faster than the playerbase, resulting in a decrease) and in the average amount of platinum that players have at their disposal (as, in an auction, players having more plats means that someone will raise the selling price higher). The Rivens have zero to do with this price. This is just you having picked a scapegoat and deciding that every single thing you don't like about the in-game economy is due to your scapegoat of choice. (And this isn't a defence of the riven mafia or whatever. Saying "they are not omnipotent" isn't a defence.) Yes. It's because, with Eidolons, they have become relatively easy to farm. Hence people, especially veterans, tend to have many of them. Hence the price falls. The price will always fall over time in a game like Warframe. The first time an item goes around, people want one for themselves, and very few people can trade, resulting in high price. The second time, people buy a spare copy that is meant to be traded. By the fifth time, everyone and their mother has three copies and has to lower the price more than anyone else if they want to sell. Wooo, doom! The game is going to die! I don't like it anymore therefore it is about to lose its whole playerbase!
  17. Probably because DE has noticed that every time this very bad idea pops up on the forums, half a legion of people show up in the thread to say that it is a very bad idea.
  18. The point was, obviously, that this sort of opinions are as old as the game itself and no value whatsoever has been added here. But thanks for having missed the point and having forced me to explain me in better detail. I struggle to remember that not everyone follows at the same speed.
  19. Yes I am also a fan of the 2014 video where AGGP expresses the same thing, in much better terms than you do now. Do you have anything new to add, aside from repeating talking points that come from the prehistory of the game?
  20. Time of the run? It's a bad metrics. The time you need to travel the non-Vault parts of the tileset can vary greatly from person to person. The "best" spy player could have their time ruined by the game spawning fourteen instead of ten tilesets between them and the Vaults. Also, this would just end up being an exercise in cheesing, a "how fast can you use Nova's Wormhole to bypass any challenge". So, meh.
  21. I understand that for some reason in the beginning a lot of whiners decided to whine about it not looking good, but to me it looked fine when it was first shown and it looks fantastic now. So, yay. I'm sure people who like feel upset and offended will find another cause to be offended about, if they like this skin.
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