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PoE: Cave Caches spawn above ground (and vice versa)


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There's a cave entrance north to the Seaside Ruin that leads you to a cave network that's roughly below The Ribs. It's possible for a Cache finding Bounty to start underground at Seaside Ruin, but put a Cache above ground in the Ribs, and it's also possible for a Cache finding Bounty to start above ground in the Ribs but put one of the Caches below ground in the Seaside Ruin caves.

I was able to confirm that this is how the bug works by starting a bugged Cache hunt in the cave and quickly using Archwing to fly over to the Ribs before the "out of mission area" timer could terminate the mission.

Players can also predict this bug if they find 2 Caches and wait for the search area radius to close in on the bugged Cache. On the minimap the yellow circle will mark an inaccessible area and in the 3D world the waypoint to the mission area will point to the ceiling.

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Faced this today and I am not sure that the last cache was in the cave because I could not find any nearby cave or cave entrance on the map. Even though I suggested that there is a cave huge enough to have an entrance far away but when tried to fly to any of them I got an abandonation message...

BTW I did put a timestamp on this video because the first 25 secs are recording a freeze which is another common bug since Fortuna.
BBTW I do not remember shooting rocks attempting to force them give me my third cache 😄

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