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Why did I play HYDRON for 15 rounds and end up not giving me experience when the game was settled, and the weapon was still level 0?


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3 hours ago, SoloMagician said:

the weapon was still level 0

Did you use that weapon to kill stuff? Were there other players killing stuff?

Or were you solo-nuking the map with abilities?

Because if it's the latter, then it's working as intended.
You killing something with an ability makes 100% of the Affinity go to your Frame.

To gain Affinity on a weapon, you either need to kill enemies with it
or be within Affinity sharing range of other players when they kill enemies.

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当然我知道盔甲技能只会在杀死盔甲方面经验丰富,所以我用武器来杀死敌人。我在塞德娜打了15波防守。单独用盔甲杀人是不可能的。我在这张地图上和我的队友一起玩,享受着这段经历。我的武器是Arca Plasmor。我在极化后去了埃德娜,以获得杀死敌人的经验。比赛结束后,我去了阿森纳并打算去MOD。我发现它仍然是0级武器。这是一个非常小的概率BUG,但不幸的是他碰巧发生在我身上。
Of course I know that armor skills are only experienced in killing armor, so I use weapons to kill enemies. And I played 15 waves of defense in Sedna. It was impossible to kill with armour alone. And I was playing with my teammates on this map and enjoying the experience. My weapon is Arca Plasmor. I went to Edna after polarization to get experience in killing enemies. After the game was settled, I went to the Arsenal and planned to go to MOD. I found that it was still a Class 0 weapon. This is a very small probability BUG, but unfortunately he happened to me.

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