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Questions For Those Whose Game Freezes Since 9.8


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My game sometimes freezes for a second or two when I'm client and the game spawns a group of new enemies somewhere close to the squads position. That's the only time it actually freezes.


Thanks for the info. I'm actually referring to a complete freeze that's happening to some people since 9.3 that forces to kill warframe.exe's process but thanks anyway.


Playing solo or private with 1 player works.


Playing as client is dangerous, since other host can crash and host will be moved... to someone, possibly repeating this process.

Thank you, yeah I had that migrating host and then freeze happen to me.


hmm well it worked with solo and with 2 players so far but i think when i join others with 4 player team i don't receive freeze that time but i do receive when i host and when 3 or 4 players are in team in few min i get freeze suddenly..

Thanks, so it seems at least 2 players is safe, possibly 3 too.

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