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  1. Favorite: Even though I rarely go there: Kuva Fortress. Cramped, full of alternative routes, and it takes a while to learn the fastest routes. Barely any straight hallways to operator dash through, the Kuva Queen spoiled brat teasing her subjects, the awesome skybox. only thing that's missing is archwing transitional tiles like there are for Uranus. Least favorite: Orokin derelict. I do love the map layout and the decrepit state of the ship, but it's been completely neglected in terms of texture and lighting upgrades, and even made worse over time. When it came out, it actually had good lighting, but at some point in time, when DE changed renderers around, it completely messed up the shadows in that place. Everything feels sterile, the opposite of what an infested ship should evoke.
  2. This is the phone I have had for, I dont even know anymore. I never turn it on unless I need to make a call. Guess why I havent upgraded. Also, giving up your privacy because you're forced to give it up in one area of your life is rather shortsighted IMO.
  3. They really want you to connect your twitch account, which is BS of course, but unless they flat out lock mastery behind twitch permanently, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. It's still a sucky move to lock gear behind signing up for a site. It's a step closer towards the unacceptable in my book. I'll wait, thank you. I value not getting profiled.
  4. If you don't have a secondary equipped, pick up an item like a data mass or power core, and then end up aim gliding as you move around the map, you always drop the item. Particularly annoying in weapon modified sorties.
  5. No message, no nothing. Not suggesting I wanted a reward.
  6. Nah, it's a misplaced syndicate medallion spawn spot, that also gets shared with other special items like rare containers or ayatans. You cant get to it. There's quite a few of these spots in the new corpus ship tileset.
  7. They might do that down the line. I'm pretty sure they'd need an incentive to redo that corpus outpost tileset, since that is strewn across quite a few planets. It's not that difficult to do though, making them compatible with the location of the planets its used on without doing a separate set for every location. All they need to do, beside the remaster itself, is have multiple skyboxes, and two or three differently lit versions. Like the day/night versions of earth, the outposts on pluto could be lit almost as if it was night, while the ones on venus would obviously be pretty bright.
  8. That you only have to do it once to get all the numerically relevant rewards out of it(mastery). I'm not trying to be cynical here, it's just the only positive thing I can think of. If others get more out of it, cool.
  9. I wanted to wait until I cleared the map, and since I've done that now I feel like I can give you my honest feedback: It's another content island with artificial difficulty ramping that does nothing but act as a damage gear check. I didn't mind tankier enemies, as those are fundamentally needed, in the base game too, not just in some corner of the game, but about past.... saturn, I believe, is where two shots started happening again like it was the case before armor rework and shield gating. Sure, you can always minimize the damage by flinging yourself around the map like a mad devil, but that has absolutely nothing to do with skill, or any difficulty. In fact, it takes away from combat since all you end up doing is flipping, from one wall to the other spamming mostly AoE abilities to remove armor on massive amounts of enemies. Oh yes, I should mention I played path solo from start to finish. Maxing out enemy spawns in solo play felt boring after two missions and reduces the opportunity for meaningful combat to occur. If all you do is bunch up enemies to hack into them for a few seconds, over and over, that's not engaging. Not at level 40 on the normal star chart, and not at level 140 in SP Mot. Had the tankiness remained at a baseline of where it is now in SP of about level 100, and the damage enemies do not changed past mars, it would have been more enjoyable. Even then, though, the SP once again highlights one of the issues players have been asking the devs to address for years and years: Improving AI to enhance combat. Instead of - as it feels like you have gotten used to - just dial up the numbers of enemies, damage they do and take to create a flat combat experience, I'd much rather have fought half as many enemies as on a normal mission, with twice the tankiness of their SP level equivalent now. Combat absolutely needs to get away from jumping and spamming if you ever intend to make it more fun. More tankiness, same amount of damage, and a more involved AI. As far as the rewards go, thank you f or not locking exclusive stats behind them .I don't care for those cosmetics enough to subject myself to eximus grind. I got 41 during my run fyi., about half you need for that armor set.
  10. Same tile, other side. Zone: /Lotus/Levels/CorpusShip/IntGunBattery P: 308, 610, 106 H:5
  11. People will just ignore it. What you need is a sustainable desire to spend resources, and that can only really be done with consumables.
  12. Zone: /Lotus/Levels/CorpusShip/IntGunBattery P: 188, 1234, 79 H:19 Thanks.
  13. It's a common sense thing I've been advocating for years. Whatever you do, whether you buff enemies or nerf players, to improve the gameplay the first thing that needs to happen is enemies being able to live longer. That doesn't mean they should to more damage as well, since that'd just turn everything back into a 2 shot experience you have to bullet jump spam through again. You still need to do that now, and being required to do so to survive high level content is another problem that ends up feeding back into the main issue. Simply put, nerfing players in general is a lot better to improve combat than to buff every single enemy, since a lot more combat systems connect to enemy stats than to player stats. Both changes result in the same outcome, just with one being way less of a headache for the devs, and the other protecting the feelings of some players. To me its clear what the better alternative is, and what can be sacrificed.
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