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  1. Yes he does. That's the entire point of the Komi game. To vizualize to the player the dwingling will of Issah's father as he's being injected with Kuva. I can't believe you just handwaved away one of the most important lore revelations in the sacrifice by "oh yeah, frames are dangerous, so lol they kill" Kuva is a substance that can connect consciousnesses. That's it's primary function. It's why the elder queen used it on the tenno, why the Unum uses it to look for the sentient, and it's why the sentient wanted it to heal. Umbra's memories with ballas are literally showing you the basic
  2. There's a very simple way to fix shade's function without making it rely on enemy numbers or other outside factors. The number one issue with the ability is that it prematurely fires and goes on cooldown when the player doesn't want it, right? An enemy sticking its nose right into the range just to be killed by random AoE spam half a second later, to name a prominent example. All you need to do is give ghost a buffer period within which the ability cooldown doesn't set in, allowing for it to fire instantly again. Or to put it in game terms: If Ghost is only active for up two seconds, it c
  3. DE definitely plans to make all frames sentient(TC 17), but the echo mechanic just seemed like a "gotta keep the guy fueled" grind when it should be an intrinsic feature of the frame. Keeping such a cool mechanic to a small number of meme frames would be a huge waste of potential.
  4. DE has balanced weapon classes against one another multiple times over the years, and in the end, there's always one class winning out over everything else. You might just handwave that issue away as perfect balance never being able to be achieved, or that it's a cycle that needs to continue until every weapon in the game does 2.1 billion damage unmodded. In the end, this effort cannot ever solve the underlying design problems that warframe has with its combat, and why its just damn near impossible to make every weapon class viable. Here's the issue in a nutshell: Faster killing > more
  5. I just hope they dont lock out solo players with the orb fight like they did with old trials.
  6. You should probably read Albrecht Entrati's diaries. The man in the wall isn't a single being. It's no almighty god or devil. Every person who has been to the void or drunk the kuva has their own. He's subconsciousness manifest, split apart and trapped in the void. He is what enabled the sentients to unshackle themselves during their journey to tau. He embodies everything you suppress. Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Control and Chaos. That's why every manifestation of it, whether it's Rell's, the Tenno's, Lotus' or Albrecht's behaves distinctly different, displaying a different set of emotions
  7. I'm mostly concerned with lore revelations helping to flesh out the world and story. SM doesn't have a dedicated quest either, but they're at least present in other parts of the game, such as the earth relay rebuilding event, and being referenced in game modes and other quests. Arbiters we know literally nothing about except what's written in their syndicate description. Sure, I can take passive revelations from arbitrations and their appearance as a form of lore but if I do you always get the people dismissing any information one can interpret if its not explicitly stated by a character in ga
  8. Could you ask steve about why the Arbiters of Hexis havent gotten a quest associated with them yet, and if the reason has something to do with their nature being huge spoilers to the story?
  9. It was a guaranteed hit to weakpoints. So it was quite strong, particularly with stacked resonance spots. But the basic idea is not bad design wise and in fact the bases of how I'd improve quake. If quake was more interactive, people would not complain as much about not being able to move. So you simply combine these two aspects, the ability to specifically attack sonar spots with quake, by allowing the player to have more interactivity with the ability. Give quake a boost mode by holding down the fire button. In that mode the player, in addition to the AoE quake, can direct a cone of foc
  10. A few seconds of being airborn at best without being able to steer doesn't put this ability into the "mobile". Also, we're not talking about augments, since Banshee does have one for people who absolutely have to move while still getting some use out of quake. This is about the base ability design. Peacemaker doesn't let you move once its activated, just like quake. The fact that you keep your momentum until you touch down isn't a feature of the ability, but a feature of how activation works for that class of abilities.
  11. Your best bet is that they will let you convert excess points into resources to level up your second void tree once that releases with Duviri. It's probably not gonna happen tho.
  12. Hey, I was talking about the basic idea of the ability. Implementation wise, it has aged horribly, does not do nearly enough to warrant the risk or inconvenience or setting yourself up to use it, in most cases anyway, but that doesn't mean it cannot be turned into a fun and useful skill without going all "lol warframe is game about running, remove it". I used to list the kind of improvements I'd made, in such discussions, and I'm still convinced they'd work, but I don't want to misuse any thread about banshee to "spam my solutions" as it were, cause that's not just annoying in the long term,
  13. Brozime reduces her like most people in this thread to one and only one quality: Damage. Now, that's not only his fault for doing that, but the game's combat being fundamentally built around the primitive concept of "apply enough damage anywhere -> win" Since the devs have not shown to want to diversity how damage is applied outside of some gimmick units like nox and bursas, it'll remain as dead simple as it is for the foreseeable future. Still, Banshee by design does other things that could be valuable as well. CC is one of them, and to a small degree shutting down enemies as well. At
  14. There's no real stealth in warframe. Slapping on invisibility and turning off enemy AI while you slaughter them is just about as far removed from getting the same kind of rewards for slow and strategic sneaking and killing as you can be. I've resigned myself to never seeing slower gameplay being rewarded in warframe, despite them having wanted to implement that way back when they came out of beta. Abilities aside, I think a another big part of why Banshee's so unpopular despite her rather big damage and decent CC potential is her kit having absolutely no polish to it. I said before, DE vi
  15. She's been consistently one of the lowest played frames. In 2015, she's also been the least played frame(was mentioned in a devstream), and I think 2 years ago she was the second to last, Trin was the least used. Though back then her prime release might have skewed the numbers a bit. DE doesn't seem to want to change anything about her, or even give her a QoL pass. Taking into account how long the frame has been around, only Loki has had his abilities updates less. The only notable changes to her abilities were making sonar recastable before the duration is up(I think that was 2014), and
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