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  1. AuroraSonicBoom

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    There is nothing to balance. High log in players have simply had more chances to get duplicates of what they want, or can complete their collection of log in items faster than those you haven't. It's always just been a timed exclusivity that you're provided with, nothing more, nothing less. And that's how it'll day.
  2. AuroraSonicBoom

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    More Endo and resources? Glad for the people unable to log in every day, though.
  3. AuroraSonicBoom

    A way to make the new login system vet friendly

    No need to treat those with 1k log in days differently under the new system. Your ability to press a few buttons every day does not need to be rewarded. If a logged in day had a different criteria, like "accumulate at least half an hour in mission time, complete 3 missions and kill 100 enemies", then my tune would be a bit different.
  4. AuroraSonicBoom

    Where are the Corpus women?

    I always thought they were just a society of MGTOWs using artificial companions to satisfy emotional and physical needs. A combination of artificial breeding chambers and compatible genetic samples from females across the system could be used to keep their population stable. Sometimes the breeding process results in an accidental female birth regardless of how thorough the Corpus were engineering the offpsring to be male, which leads to female scrambus and combas.
  5. AuroraSonicBoom

    Writtings on the wall now it seems

    So you want to stand out for being a no-lifer and logging in for 1000 days? Wow! What a demonstration of aptitude, it really shows that you deserve to call yourself a veteran! I could just as well argue that by removing the perceived prestige of rewards that require nothing but clicking on an icon on your desktop and entering your password for X amount of days, DE tries to restore the reputation of the label "veteran". Of course that's not why they're doing it, but it's just as silly of a notion as wanting to be recognized for in full control of your mental and physical faculties.
  6. AuroraSonicBoom

    Mods are asleep post ponies

    It amuses me to think that the OP probably doesn't know how that phrase they're using came to be.
  7. AuroraSonicBoom

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Hey guys! What prompted you to rework the gas city tileset instead of one of the older ones like the Astroid or Corpus outpost ones?
  8. Would also give them the opportunity to finally work on that Phorid rework they conceptualized years ago.
  9. AuroraSonicBoom

    Who else want Space Momma back?

    Depends on how long it is until we either get her back or she'll be gone for good. Seeing how we only get one cinematic quest at most every year, keeping glitchy Lotus/Ordis around for that long is not something I'd want to live through.
  10. AuroraSonicBoom

    Is anyone working on AI any more?

    What has become the standard gameplay look - mass killing enemies regardless of type, level or faction - renders any improvements to enemy behaviour moot. There's a reason DE cave up on doing anything with stealth, the only other gameplay method that used to reward slower, methodical play, in favor of driving up the extent of how fast they can make us kill enemies(Sanctuary Onslaught). It's their own fault. Had they not let players get away with boundless power creep that allowed them to reduce the time to kill an enemy to virtually nothing there'd still be a place for other ways of engaging mobs in combat.
  11. AuroraSonicBoom

    we truly want the trials back

    We truly don't. Unless they're soloable. Then I'd agree with you. Otherwise they can go rot in hell of exclusivity and elitism where they belong.
  12. AuroraSonicBoom

    Ballas silhouette

    That's offensive to people of Orokin descent! No, really, if you're talking about his general lanky figure and blue skin - beauty standards change over time. If you're talking about his disfigured arm, that's probably the result of an accident involving with the infestation.
  13. So you miss gear checks, which is what the kind of content you seem to crave demands. That's not content, nor a real challenge. It's just a way to make you feel like you didn't waste your time in the game. Yeah, no thanks to that.
  14. AuroraSonicBoom

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Zephyr Deluxe? Oh, and could you provide us with some explanation as to what roles Junctions fill in lore compared to solar rails. There used to be the implication that solar rails were not only used to jump interstellar distances but also from one point in the solar system to another, but then Junctions were introduced and seemed to pretty much serve the same function. What gives?
  15. AuroraSonicBoom

    Prime Vault July 24: Nyx and Rhino are Primed to return!

    I mean I wouldn't have bought any of the cosmetics anyway, but didn't you guys tell us there'd be an accessory bundle with all cosmetics? I feel like you're still trying to exploit players interested in cosmetics by bundling them with unwanted and unrelated items, like plat.