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  1. Assuming they only take primary weapons: Buzlok, Drakgoon, Gorgon, Grakata, Grinlok, Harpak, Hek, Hind, Ignis, Javlok, Karak, Kohm, Ogris, Quartakk, Tokor, Vulkar and Zarr. That amounts to a bit over 50k mastery.
  2. You don't get that in order to balance something you have to nerf what is imbalanced. The only other option is to always buff every other underperforming gear piece or mechanic until it becomes viable, and that's a fools errand. If DE had done that every time from the start we'd be fighting level 5000 enemies now and still complaining about the same things. What one needs to realize is that a lot of the time what's best for the game in the long term is bad for the individual player in the short term. Most of the players have a highly biased view on balance, so whenever something is nerfed it's viewed as negative regardless of whether it actually improves the game balance by making more playstyles competitive again.
  3. More like "now", as in how they were previously stated not to carry mastery. I wouldn't have said anything if it had been just a handful of weapons, or the weapons Kuva troops use, but this'll potentially mean you have to get almost every primary faction weapon in the game a second time, or a third time if they have a vandal/wraith. That's an enormous difference. The possibilities for them to expand that system to secondaries and melee weapons is something I don't even want to entertain right now.
  4. You know, DE, making those changes to Blood Rush and Maiming Strike years ago could have cause a lot less frustration among the playerbase and fanned out the weapon usage of a large number of players. Did you wait with devaluing those mods until the plat trade price for them had dropped below a certain point? Cause that's the only reason I can think why such a tiny change took you so long to implement. Either way, nerf to aoe weapons is a good thing regardless of how long it took. Oh, and don't forget, please: PLEASE ALSO CHANGE SLIDE ON CRIT MODIFIERS ON RIVENS
  5. Why did you have to make lich weapons give mastery? Does the game mode not stand on its own? You know that a lot of players are going to burn through the content to get the points, and once they're done they'll be tired of playing the slot machine. And then you'll introduce Corpus lichs with 100 more weapons to master.
  6. Really disappointed with that. I was happy I could just play one part of the game when I feel like it instead of having to play another RNG game of collect em all.
  7. That's not quite true. Back when the arcane debate was hot, there were two main arguments raised by the players who wanted them gone. One was that they didn't want stats tied to cosmetics anymore, and the other was that some of the arcanes were completely negating a frame's main drawback at virtually no penalty(Vanguard is most guilty of that). DE stated that their main reason they got rid of them was because of the cosmetic argument, which at the time was the lesser of the two arguments brought fourth. So for them not taking away the existing ones under - yes, the old adage of respecting player investments - didn't go over well. Either way, DE's main reason for grandfathering them was the cosmetic argument, not any balance issues. I wish it had been, but given how they've shown to care about balance over the years - even though they got a tiny bit better with rivens - I shouldn't have been surprised. Nothing stops them from rebalancing some of the more broken arcanes as they make them available for everyone either. It'd be a good opportunity to do that, actually.
  8. And players keep playing in the hands of lazy game design. Long endless missions are nothing but gear checks wrapped in a thick layer of boredom. Going back to the old pre relic void days is the last thing the game needs to encourage right now. Or ever again, actually.
  9. De could have easily turned legacy arcanes into corrputed arcanes and made them available for everyone long ago. There wouldn't even have been an issue with converting them. You got a legacy arcane helmet? It turns into a rank 3 corrputed arcane with the same stats.
  10. Yes, we do. No, it's not gonna happen. Find a way for DE to make millions of bucks by putting in all of that work and you might have a chance, though.
  11. There's a difference between expecting people to figure out game mechanics for themselves and preventing them from experiencing a narrative in its entirety. I would argue that not guiding players along with too many fake goals decreases the chance of new players getting the wrong impression of the game, allowing them to make a more informed decision. On the other hand, expecting a player to ask around for or watch youtube videos of narrative events that happened in the past actively hurts the building of emotional investment into the world and its characters. The only thing I agree with is that all the relevant data one would have to go to the wiki for to find should be present in game. DE has talked about doing that years ago, but are working pretty slowly. Then again, they've also mentioned how they want to incorporate old events into the game for new players for years, which hasn't really happened outside of making old quests replayable. That's not the same, though.
  12. Hey DE! Could you tell us more about your previous plans for the Helminth game mechanic and why it is getting removed from our orbiters with the remaster? Thanks!
  13. It's technically always with you, DE just won't put spawn points for it all over the gameworld.
  14. If it becomes a problem with discrimination, I'm sure DE would do something about it. As it stands right now though, so few people care about it that it's not an issue, and if the main reason you don't like those stats is because you don't like to see them, there's a pretty simple solution for it. On a similar note, though, I wish DE would have allowed hacking puzzles solved with ciphers to mix with the ones that you dont. But hey, whatever.
  15. Banshee's sonar wasn't recastable in the past. Her 3's duration got nerfed slightly last year to "put it in line with her other abilities." But nah, Loki doesn't need survivability as much as the enemies with such dangerous attacks need better tells, audio ones in particular. Not everything is always best fixed by increasing some base stat - that's one of the reasons warframe's balance is a mess and its gameplay diversity is shrinking. It's an easy fix, sure, but not one that benefits the game in the long term.
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