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  1. DE largely didn't try anything other except power creep enemy levels since it's so easy to do for them. There's eximi, nullies and some other special units, but they don't do anything to really change the gameplay on a fundamental level. As long as they insist that enemy damage and tankiness is the meat and bones of what makes up the challenge in warframe, you're not going to have a really fulfilling and engaging experience fighting in the same way you had when you started out. Any power fantasy can go too far, and warframe has crossed the lined between making the player feel like a powerful warrior that is able to take on entire squads of enemies, and a god that obliterates armies of foes by merely being in their presence or looking in their general direction years and years ago. As much as it pains me to say, because I know DE wont take a sledge hammer to player power levels, the only way for them to start improving the combat experience is by making enemies much tankier without raising their lethality. First, enemies need to be able to survive a fully kitted out 5k hour player for more than a split second, because anything could do to improve AI or enemy related mechanics would be for naught if they continue to allow players to delete maps with the press of a button. They do need to keep the lethality down so weak frames wont be annihilated by aimbotting enemies with hitscan weapons. How well that plays out we can see with railjack, were if you're a weak frame you have to flail around like a madman spamming your abilities or abuse your operator form to have a chance at engaging the enemy at all. That isn't engaging gameplay, that's button spamming. Unfortunately, according to one of the latest devstreams, they're going to lower enemy tankiness while compensating for it with an even higher lethality, thereby exacerbating the situation instead of making moves to slow down player kill rates.
  2. Fully agreed. Replace them with Fiendship doors instead, that work exactly the same, but give someone a shock if they keep spamming the buttons.
  3. to not make mods, auras or not, stack additively. It creates nasty situations like this.
  4. Fixing old content is a luxury that you can't sell nearly as well as new skin and prime packs for 120 bucks. Same goes for story content. People have been wanting DE to slow down for years, but they cant with how they monetize the game. There is no way to keep players playing during bigger dev cycles because the entirety of the game is made up of gear and cosmetic grind. There's no PvE gameplay loop that is just rewarding on its own, and they dont seem to want to spend there sources implementing something like that, so it'll just be more gear grind previews, a 2nd teaser for duviri, a third teaser for the new war quest, and various concept designs for weapons and units. My guess is corpus liches(get your 65 MR-forma ready), some sort of sentient expansion to the invasion mechanic, and... yeah, if we're lucky, some info about what they're going to do with sentient warframes, the soon to be deleted helminth room, and its never implemented warframe focus tree.
  5. It's not, because from all we've seen so far is that it's optional. Optional as in you have to opt in in the first place, and optional in a gameplay sense that you're not dont have to rely on your linked squad for the mission to succeed. Once DE tries to introduce content that requires both parties to succeed, or locks rewards behind both sides succeeding, then you have cause for concern. Should that happen I'll happily join in to the complaints.
  6. DE has a track record of using the original "canon" aesthetic of a frame as basis for their prime design and not any deluxe or tennogen stuff. I was worried about Banshee back in the day since quite a few people kept complaining about her looks. DE came through and even doubled down on some of the controversial parts. I never play Nezha but if I did I'd want her prime to celebrate the boyish and effeminate(by warframe standards) base design.
  7. Sure, they might. I'll just keep my expectations in check. Yeah, its a free game and all, but I wouldn't mind spending more cash if it would go towards story. I mean Duviri will be important because without going through it we wont be able to defeat the sentients, and I'm sure DE wants to milk a sentient war in any way they can(which I approve of). I'll expect the NW to at the very least expand on the invasion mechanic that has been neglected and crippled over the years, to add sentients. I just hope they wont neuter the system like they did with the original invasions and solve the issues it presented in a way that adds to the gameplay, not removes from it.
  8. During the last TC they said its two years away, so I'd expect it to be three years(2.5 now). The time between major story content releases centered around your character has grown continuously, so its a safe bet to assume that trend will hold. Quests are one of the least profitable things DE can do. TSD: December 2015 TWW: November 2016 TS: June 2018 TNW: (Probably) Q2/3 2020 DP: ~2023?
  9. Funny, I don't see any Duviri gods in that screenshots.
  10. You gotta keep in mind that this link stuff is optional, as in, evnen if your linked squad fails youll still be able to do the mission. That's what it was avertized as. So it's less of a forced coop with people you dont want in your group and more a "if the linked squad succeeds, stuff gets easier." Now, I hope DE isn't shortsighted enough to require squad link for a mission success, or tie rewards that you can only get if both parties succeed. This is why trails were a mistake. If its optional, squad link will feel like a boon. If its required, it will feel like a restraint.
  11. That's mean they'd have to code AI. I'm still waiting for a Komi table I can buy with plat and play against myself(Wally), since they already did code the AI for that.
  12. Nah, they said founder gear will remain exclusive because they promised it, and would only make it available if every founder said its okay. That doesnt stop them from releasing NotExcal Prime, NotLato Prime and Not Skana Prime with the exact same stats, and only allow non founders to get the mastery from it.
  13. The only change she got was that her pupils now stand out more compared to when WW was released.
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