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  1. 12 missions, 85 thralls + a random lich kill during the hunt somewhere. That's how much it took me to get a lich just now. The numbers before where 50+50+70 kills for the three murmurs, so they cut the grind in half.
  2. I promise you that ain't going to happen. Focus will remain where it is until Duviri Paradox releases. Would I like to see some buffs and nerfs? Sure, but as it stands right now the system is mostly fine.
  3. It'd be too powerful a change, but it's got the right idea. I've been saying that before wisp was a thing with her ult, but Quake could use a channeling mode where for double the energy drain you could aim a cone of directed sonic waves to hit the weakpoints of the enemies within the cone. The size of the cone can be anything from 20° to 120°, depending on the mods. It'd alleviate the one valid criticism I admit people criticizing the ability for being "boring because stationary" have, and allow for some interactivity. Hell, you could even allow Banshee to send out individual but more powerful conic pulses with each press of the mouse button to encourage a "shooting" style feel. Your suggestion can be applied fully to sonic boom though. Even with a boost to its base damage, giving it the ability to hit weak points guaranteed wouldn't break anything power level wise. So I'm all for that when it comes to Boom. Even with such a buff, though, boom would be really lackluster, which is why IMO it needs some synergy with silence. Silence itself, while being situationally useful in niche high level content to disable enemy abilities, has nothing going for it in general run and gun play. It too could use a little buff to make it easier to benefit from its effects on the enemy. Given that silence messes with enemy hearing, it's reasonable to assume that it could also affect their sense of balance. In gaming terms, it'd mean making enemies more susceptible to CC affects like impact procs, knock downs and ragdolling. I'm imagining something akin to enemies taking longer to recover from staggers(keep staggering longer) and get up from the floor(slower animation or forced stagger following a KD recover). Boom would obviously be pretty useful in that regard, keeping enemies incapacitated longer if under the effects of silence. More important than most of these changes would still be to make all cast animations except her ult one handed though. She's one of those frames, along with trinity, that feels super clunky to use because of it, in relation to many of the newer frames, and while it's not as big of an issue with trin given her playstyle, it is for Banshee.
  4. I would like to know more about your plans of making non-umbra frames sentient. At TC 2017 you mentioned that you wanted to enhance the interaction between Tenno and warframe by allowing them to do tag team combos. Is that still a concept you're pursuing?
  5. She really doesn't need that many changes, especially not to her ult. I don't want to see the stationary nuke gone just because the entire game now geared towards spamming bullet jumps and rolling. Instead of homogenizing the playstyle with the warframe average, the drawbacks should stay but get rewarded with a bigger potential to exert power over the game. All of Banshee's skills are viable by design, and all that is needed is to enhance what they do in order to actually make her as fun as a lot of the newer warframes. She's already plenty powerful, but a total lack of any ability interplay or her non ult abilities rooting her do show just how little she has been taken care of. After Loki, she's the oldest warframe with the least changes done to her abilities. Apart from the unrooting of her non ult abilities I don't agree with much, if anything. It's not that those changes are bad design wise, but they're simply not needed, and worse, would fundamentally change how banshee feels. There are much simple and effective ways to bring her kit into 2021 without sacrificing her uniqueness, like a grounded ult, or a lack of general gameplay functionality for silence.
  6. THANK YOU! Up until a year or two ago warframe took pretty much no resources when running minimized, but sometime around the implementation of the new renderer it started taking up massive amounts of cpu cycles, but only when minimized. I always thought it had been a necessary drawback of how the new engine was coded.
  7. Challenge is all fine and well, but if it consists of nothing but pushing enemy damage and health numbers to justify some players' desire to feel justified for grinding 50 forma into their gear, the game suffers. Cranking the game's mechanics up to eleven isn't challenge, it actually reduces it by forcing players into a limited number of viable gear, and playstyle, which more often than not tends to me even more spammy than the normal game. Can you make warframe challenging? Sure. Do players actually want that instead of just getting off to higher numbers popping on the screen, and is DE willing to move away from going down the one way of "more power"? So far, no. And that's why as it stands right now I don't want to see more hardcore content.
  8. Still can't forgive DE for first releasing a crossbow that numerically and mechanically outclasses my Attica, but then also priming it first.
  9. We're not gonna get more Man in the Wall lore with Harrow Prime, but there might be a slight chance we'll get at least a little bit with Nidus(different helminth response).
  10. The "naked" skin actually looks super sleek IMO, and I'd have no issues with it. Unlike a naked Chroma, which looks weird on his own.
  11. You can say that about every rooted ability, plus BJ locks you into a direction, and is annoying to pull off with anything but forward movement.
  12. Making her 2 and 3 casting animations mobile. It honestly would make a difference, since she's a high frequency caster.
  13. It's not high level content, it's not forced coop or playing for new gear. It's as we've been told my the Lotus and the game from day one: To bring balance to the system. Sadly, apart from invasions, the game impact of which has been gutted years ago, nothing else supports that idea.
  14. Pretty sure it's going to be Mag. Why? Cause she's a gen 1 frame, and because she can make more use of a different set of umbral mods based on range and efficiency.
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