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  1. Not happy about you giving in and adding vacuum to pets. Was buffing the abilities of other companions to be worth it really that difficult? I hope you will at least draw a hard line at warframe based vacuum. There's gotta be at least *some* cost involved, and a single mod slot just isn't enough.
  2. I hope there won't be non-consmetic unique rewards for those alerts locked behind a two hour endless survival. Throw in all the badges and gameplay irrelevant things as rewards, though, and things we can already reliably acquire from other sources, like reactors and catalysts or rivens.
  3. Would it be possible to add Primed Chamber to the reward pool, so that piece of game altering content isn't locked behind a studio manager's ego? Sorry Sheldon, I don't mean offense, but it's been five damn years.
  4. Zephyr Deluxe looks hot! Thanks for finally going to get it done!
  5. Hey DE! Would it be possible for you guys to release a set of gear that shares its mastery with Founder gear, so that if you level up an item(ex. a sword with linked mastery to Skana P) you wouldn't gain mastery points for it unless you dont have the corresponding founder gear? That'd be a fair way to let non-founders catch up in terms of mastery without breaking your vow of exclusivity.
  6. Brings a tear to my eye. The admiral would be proud. RIP
  7. You should probably balance the amount of resources you can get based on how long the mission type takes to complete. Nothing against 3 carriers for a 3 part mob def, 2 for a spy, or one for every two excavators if you want to disincentivize minmaxing.
  8. Her parent's died during a Grineer raid before the Tenno woke up, leaving her to take care of the home alone and forcing her to become a lot more independent than other kids. Konzu and Saya have taken on the role of mentor/godparents, but are too busy coordinating the efforts to drive off the Grineer on the plains to really take her under their wings. There, now go back to focus on grinding those sweet, sweet arcanes.
  9. There is nothing to balance. High log in players have simply had more chances to get duplicates of what they want, or can complete their collection of log in items faster than those you haven't. It's always just been a timed exclusivity that you're provided with, nothing more, nothing less. And that's how it'll stay.
  10. More Endo and resources? Glad for the people unable to log in every day, though.
  11. Hey guys! 1.) What prompted you to rework the gas city tileset instead of one of the older ones like the Astroid or Corpus outpost ones? 2.) Are there plans to give every warframe the ability to become sentient when transferred out of? You mentioned tag team moves between operator and warframe during Tennocon 2017, and I was wondering if you're going to stick to that.
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