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  1. Vocal characters of operators are a big aspect of how players identify with their in game characters. I just hope the single option that will replace the two will sound more like my personal choice(raven) rather than the other. Whatever happens tho, lots of players will have lose something.
  2. I wouldn't bet on any new Focus schools, but I'm sure as hell we'll get another focus like progress system that in principle is diametrically opposed to focus. The lore points to that at multiple places. While I always speculated before that we'd get a 'nega-Void' focus system for a demon mode with duviri, the appearance of the 5 five kaleidoscope objects shown in the relay dioramas leads me to suspect we'll get it way sooner, and that duviri from a gameplay perspective will be about combining both focus and demon mode after assimilating our twin. Most of that is speculation, but I'm more than certain that players will at some point get a demon mode system to max with new points that aren't based on focusing their minds, but letting their emotions run wild and awaken their shadow.
  3. Sacrifice took two months to make from start to release. Expect three months. Late autum.
  4. Quick review: 5 forma to get all the mastery from the weapons is still bs. I will immediately sell all of these weapons out of sheer principle. Murmur Progression feels nice. Less thralls with more progress per kill was something I suggested way back when liches first came out. Why did it take this long to make such a small yet important change, and why is it not being carried over to liches yet? The new lich planet progression is a step backwards, from a mostly solo player standpoint. It feels stale and predictable, making the game seem less alive. A compromise would be to add a randomized rotation that changes periodically, like ESO, but instead weekly, its a daily new random set of planet paths. Showdown is a fun counterbalance to a quicker murmur progression, but it's intolerable that you cannot even help friends with their lich anymore, even if it doesn't give you any progress. It's the first time I had said "what the fack?" out loud when I realized I cant join my friend killing his lich, since... I don't know, DE made vacuum universal to all pets. Baffling, really. Overall, I give the system a 3/5.
  5. She's more powerful than most, I would say, given that she's been void touched by necessity.
  6. Freaking stealth. DE completely dropped the ball with that, even though it was their plan to keep working on it for a long while after they came out of beta. Oh, and by stealth I don't mean perma invis cheese. I mean bringing down stealth frames on the level of non stealth frames and forcing them to actually sneak and think about where they move, not blast by everything.
  7. The warframe universe was never designed with extraterrestrials in mind, at least according to a dev I spoke to some time ago.
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