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  1. I'm pretty disappointed that after all these years and with so many frames getting priority, you still haven't considered making Banshee more fun to play. She's basically been untouched since her release, except for the sonar recasting and silence duration adjustment. Come on, throw a Tenno a void bone.
  2. Thanks for making my point. I didn't want to include the donda and the dead bodies in space cause they're minor elements, but since you did - yes, they are visualizing calmness. It only solidifies what I was talking about. There is something like over analyzing to try and win an argument, and you're doing that. Even if I'll give you the color mixing theory to explain away my point, the fact that there is still an entire panel with Rell being color coded blue the moment he is touched by a non autistic Tenno which happens two panels before he shoots the blue beam, castrates that argument
  3. No, sir, I don't buy it. Not the touch aversion thing, but the fact that it has to translate 1:1 from the real world to the Tenno. The color coding in the earlier frames is too obvious for me to discount it. The entire comic is held in a red tone, except those couple of panels that have the girl touching him, and Rell subsequently shooting blue void energy. Also, Rell got touched again when he got attacked by the Tenno above, who obviously harbored less than sympathetic thoughts for him.
  4. Not true. The touch can also be a calming one, particularly when a Tenno, who is able to control herself is making contact. The color coding in those panels also speaks a clear language. Blue=calm, quiet, controlled. If Rell would have been averse to that touch at that moment, there would have been no need to design the panels in that way.
  5. Oh yeah, I didn't go into detail about that cause I've done that many times in the past. basically, what the entire story with the man in the wall is about, is that he is not one individual entity, but rather the manifestation of a Tenno's subconscious mind that has been suppressed. This entire idea is based on the concept of the psychological shadow, which postulates that beneath our conscious thoughts and personality there is one driven by pure emotion, desire, fear, and the like. That is what the chains of harrow quest was all about. Rell, due to his mental condition, was unfit to control h
  6. Biggest reveal is obviously the blue Kuva, but it does fit in well with the theory of there being two voids. Steve has mentioned repeatedly that duality is a concept he really likes and uses a lot in the game. Not just with things that are opposites of each other, but which complement each other. The Tenno are made up of two parts(only one of which we officially know of), the void is, given by the environmental story telling DE has done with Chains of Harrow(Tenno shooting red void beams) and Empyean(Flexa/Ruse Warfield skyboyes), the Infested(Vome/Fass) and probably other things I missed
  7. Well the EV boss kill cheese has finally, after like 2 years, been taken care of, and that's been a very necessary nerf for a long time. On the other hand, anything you can viral proc now can die in 2 seconds with EV, regardless of level. Since that's only one enemy at a time, and not a boss, I don't think it's broken anymore.
  8. Yeah, didnd't they say subsumed abilities are going to be stronger? What is SubSilence going to be? More duration? Less duration? Less cost?
  9. Zone: /Lotus/Levels/CorpusShip/IntGunBattery P: 188, 1234, 79 H:19 Thanks.
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