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  1. AuroraSonicBoom

    SPOILERS Chimera lore talk

    Your Shadow lead you to the helmet because their endgame is getting you to kill Natah and become so emotionally distraught that they're able to take control of your conscience.
  2. It'll just be as bland of a game mode as ESO is, or sorties for the most part. The one levels being high enough to one shot most frames will reduce the amount of choice the player has while adding absolutely nothing to the game. Higher levels arent more fun, they're nothing but a gear check to make players who spent hundreds of hours min maxing their gear feel like they didn't waste their time. The fact that it has unique, gameplay changing rewards makes me groan because I can see myself having to sit in those missions for hours upon hours until I get all the mods before I can finally leave them behind. The only thing I'm looking forward to is not having to play them anymore.
  3. AuroraSonicBoom

    DE: "we need to address stockpiled resources.."

    The only way DE can address stockpiled resources in a sustainable way would be by: tl:dr - create useful consumables that require a crafting chain involving every single item you can get multiples of in game(frame/wp BP included), and allow players to choose from a set of resources of the same type in order to fill one ingredient slot(x amount of common resources instead of x nano spores).
  4. AuroraSonicBoom

    Why DE continue to devalue our achievements?

    They cannot take away your achievement, only the value you yourself put into the reward you have gotten from it. I have no problems with exclusivity being removed.
  5. AuroraSonicBoom

    The Meaning of Mainline: Next Update ETA!

    I hope there won't be non-consmetic unique rewards for those alerts locked behind a two hour endless survival. Throw in all the badges and gameplay irrelevant things as rewards, though, and things we can already reliably acquire from other sources, like reactors and catalysts or rivens.
  6. AuroraSonicBoom

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    Would it be possible to add Primed Chamber to the reward pool, so that piece of game altering content isn't locked behind a studio manager's ego? Sorry Sheldon, I don't mean offense, but it's been five damn years.
  7. AuroraSonicBoom

    Shield Gating: When?

    Yeah, it did. They just repackaged it as part of a warframe ability. Look at Revenant's Mesmer Skin. It has all the hallmarks of what people commonly define as being elements of shield gating. The limited charges, the short delay before another stack can be stripped. Scott mentioned that it wasn't helpful enough in gameplay to have a stripped shield give you a short invulnerability period, but from where I'm sitting, I could have certainly benefited from it. Nah, shield gating does work, but it's not the only thing that could be done to improve the utility of them. Look at how many mods exists that use health loss as a condition for their effect. Quick Thinking, Health conversion, Equilibrium, Rage, not to mention warframe specific augments. What do Shields have? Empowered blades? Making shields to the same thing as health is boring game design, just like homogenizing certain abilities and effects of gear in order to increase their appeal instead of coming up with new and interesting designs for them. In addition to some kind of gating mechanic, we need mods that grant us benefits for losing shields. Different benefits from the mods that work on health loss, but benefits nonetheless.
  8. AuroraSonicBoom

    Hey Kiddo

    Same thing with Helminth. It still demands to be fed, but there's still nothing to suggest it'll be fleshed out in the near or intermediate future.
  9. AuroraSonicBoom

    When other sentinels get buff?

    Been saying that back when people still argued that all sentinels need is vacuum to become viable options. No, the reason Helios, Carrier and to a degree Diraga are used way more in comparison to the other sentinels is because their abilities are reliable. They're either active at all times, or constantly try to activate themselves. The benefits of a small PBAoE knockdown every 15 seconds that are controlled by the amount enemies in your vicinity, a cloak that activates and immediately deactivates for 10 seconds the moment an enemy grazes its ability radius are very, very limited. I'm not even talking about the puny amount of extra damage from a laser every once in a while. These abilities are not valued because it's very difficult for players to influence when they activate during most combat scenarios. Sure, there's nothing to be said against the concept of a semi-random buff being applied to you every once in a while, as we can see with Kavats. The issue is that those sentinel abilities are just not useful or strong enough to be given that kind of drawback. That's why the abilities need to be made more powerful, each in their own respective ways to foster variety, or make accidental activations somehow more forgiving. Shade's a perfect example for how a little change in Ghost's behaviour could make it way more used. If the cloak only recharged for as many seconds as it was active, with an upper limit of ten seconds, players could use its invisibility way more reliably without it becoming some kind of permanent cloak. On a personal note, I also think DE should revert its nerf from way, way back when it was released, as these days, remaining invisible after a stealth kill is much less gamebreaking than it was back in the days of Beta 7. But that's just me advocating for my favorite Sentinel.
  10. AuroraSonicBoom

    Non violent PvP modes

    Nothing that can't be done as a passion project by one programmer(still waiting for that Zephyr Deluxe). Komi is kind of a no brainer. All the assets and game logic is already in the game, and you can even allow plays against a CPU opponent like that. Most important aspect of this question, though, is if it affects PvE gameplay in any way. Stalker mode? Hell no. Exclusive, non-cosmetic rewards? Hell no.
  11. Yup, a few accounts tried to sell plat again earlier, with one of them linking to imgur in order to avoid a wordfilter ban.
  12. AuroraSonicBoom

    Current Top 5 Warframes

    In no particular order: Nova = Faster leveling Banshee = high dps/CC Limbo = Syndicate Medallion farmer Volt = Solo Tridolon Octavia = Disgustingly easy to play, no real drawbacks
  13. AuroraSonicBoom

    Sentient Waifu Body Pillow Petition

    Here. Now you go and have fun.
  14. AuroraSonicBoom

    What other tilesets do you do think should DE rework

    While I don't agree on the former, the latter is definitely one I had forgotten to mention in my first post. The asteroid tileset is another one of those sets that has been copy pasted around the system. When Kela released I thought DE redid Sedna, but they obviously never did. Mercury is also nothing but asteroid tileset levels. It's a relic from an old Warframe.
  15. AuroraSonicBoom

    The Lost One fragment

    Yup, that's still an issue. The only thing I haven't tried yet is rebuilding Revenant entirely, but I'm sorry to say I'm not going through the grind (again) to save DE the task of fixing a bug.