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Trade System For Prime Parts (With Some Sort Of Store Not Players)


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Iv been haveing a reall issue getting the braton prim parts and the paris prim parts even though i am fallowing the wiki for drop rates. (not sure if wiki is accurit) and i have found my self with a  high amount fo parts for weapons i dont want, or already have so i sugest something like a trade store for tradeing in stacks of  prim parts (no plat or credtis or parts from clan resarch)

trade in 5-15 parts of one type or mix (im leaning towards 15 mixed) and be able to get one part out that you are able to pick like like tradeing in 9 latron prime recivers 4 stocks and 1 barrel

for one braton prime part say liekthe reciver.

it could be tweaked and im not saying i wont keep grinding for the parts any way but this is just a thought .

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@ silver no its not considering i have yet to get 1 braton prime stock in any moble defense missions and iv run like 10-15 in the last few days and its suposed to have a 15% drop rate in tier 2 and a 12 % drop on tier three 

also it would be 15 parts from void runs for one part, if you dont get the part you want once in 15 runs fallowing the wiki drop rates then soemthing is wrong with the drop rate.

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