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Host Migration and alert level


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my team got hit by a host migration during a fortuna infiltration (hack inside the base) mission. The alert level before the migration was high (3 or 4 stars). Anyways, the alarm triggered, and the host left in frustration. After the migration the alert *level* was reset, but the *effects* of the alert level were not.

So the rest of the mission was facing heavily alerted opponents (giant bugs, for example -- edit: er... I meant Scyto Raknoids, not giant glitches... though I suppose this was also a giant glitch), including what seemed like insta-kill attacks from corpus fixed placement weapons.

(Also, the host migration interrupted the hacking attempt I was doing, but it's not clear to me whether or not the countdown timer got set back to where it was when that hacking attempt started.)

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Well... it's not entirely regardless of distance (since normally it fades out when players move away from the alert sticks).

But you are correct that an implementation where the alert level itself was tied to range from those sticks would make a lot of sense.

But this host migration thing... ouch...

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