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well it's been fine for 3-4 but now this problem shows up "login failed. check info."  wth even i enter correct password and email. I did all reboot router, verified, optimized then finally reinstall windows same didn't work then finally uninstall game and reinstall it and same didn't work just wasted 40gb data for because steam don't work so i separately download wf and start with launcher but it didn't all same and this XX support team i submit  3-4 time tickets and submit what they ask that logs  but nothing they just replay message later saying your problem solved XX that was so comedy wth hehehe well it's comedy the problem is still there and they just assume themselves and replay message saying problem fix if you guys don't know how to solved problem then just don't pretend and please don't  play ppl like this  not only me i saw this problem faced by so so many player youtube quora reddit forum everywhere well really thank you support team to xxxx me like this and many others ppl who have same problem

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