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Please Make Performance Increase A Priority, De.


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People are getting very inconsistent results across the board with Warframe. This game is pretty in places, but it's hardly something that should be taxing higher end systems.

It seems as though it's impossible to get a constant 60fps in many areas of the game right now for many players, despite many of us having systems that should easily give these results.

My results:

I get 60fps with settings maxed on a few levels, but the majority of the time I'll be stuck around 40-50.

Void is 30-50.

High end defense 30-50.


And this is regardless of video settings. 800x600 and everything low/off gives the same results as 1080 max.


Zotac 670 Amp Ed (same speeds as many 680s)

8 gigs ram


Win 7 64

Runs everything else I throw at it on high/max with 60 fps.

Everyone I know who plays warframe has the same issue, and when people with systems much less powerful than my own are getting the exact same results there is something very wrong.

Please make this a priority, the game is great but it's not fun playing at console speeds.

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