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Fortuna Tags need cap changes!


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Why Tag must have 20 cap?

So if u want to add 10 Tags in your Dojo room or orbiter you need to spend 200 energy for that!?

Really DE pay attention how many cap we have for some of our Dojo rooms and Orbiter then after that decide how much energy is fair to use one decoration.

Tags are junks, they are not in range of ayatan sculptures that they need 20 cap, for tags 5 cap is enough.

Or if u want to keep that then just double our Dojo and Orbiter cap and we will be satisfied.

I'm telling you this, cuz "What is the point that we have tons of decorations which we cannot add nowhere"!?

For example I have tons of Tridolon articula and they just sitting in my inventory cuz I cant add them more in my Orbiter nor add on my Dojo, nor I can sell them for anything else, credits, endo...etc..just to free my inventory. Why someone to keeping junks in his basket?

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