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 Pupacyst description : A two pronged attack; the bone-grafted cocoon at the tip of this staff rends flesh, while the viral mass living within spreads itself into the wounds of each new victim.

 At first, I heard about pupacyst without stance mod. It will use staff combo. So I tried...

First action(Pupacyst-Bo prime-Vaykor sydon-Orthos prime)

F926C90C86E546BA195E26748DE481CFB41BCFD54EB5137897299A23F17ED0EB6C07A1B71612C276First action without stance mod, 'Bo prime' and 'Pupacyst' same combo action. It's different with polearm combo, look at the below screenshots

1946762D92126E115D2FB7E21DA2A77009694545D81BA2ACD4F1635EFC65779E013545FDBC2DADAB I took all combo screenshot with Pupacyst, Bo prime, Vaykor sydon, Orthos prime. But seems like doesn't need to more upload these, because already prove about pupacyst using 'Staff combo' when un-equip of stance mod.

 As it mentioned in description, 'Staff rend flesh' meaning the this weapon categorized 'Staff' melee weapon. Not 'Polearm'. And many player mentioned about 'Rend' means slash... Well, to me, important thing is change category of pupacyst from 'polearm' to 'staff'.

 Personally, don't know it's intended or not. If intended for categorized 'Polearm'. Hope to be announced it's intended. But, if not please fix this. Also need to clarified about description's 'rend' means just way 'How to infect it's victim' or it's wrong damage type and need to change 'Impact' to 'Slash'. Problem just need to solve, and intended thing just clarified it's intended.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day for all. :)

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fix mistype word.
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