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For the greater Good (Clan search)


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Hello there,

I am searching for a Clan right now, and it seems that writing a Thread is a good way to do it.


Gamewise: I'm playing Warframe for about 1 week, I'm MR 4 (MR 5 should come tomorrow) and playing Excalibur (Rhino is in production as I write this).

Personally: I'm mostly on in the evening or late midday (UTC +1) and playing for about 2 to 4 hours. My mother tongue is german, but I think my english should be good enough to communicate efficiently.

Clan: I'm looking for a smaller clan (around storm) in which you can still contribute (not all research done) because I want to help the clan and not join into a fully fletched armada where I'm just another generic member.

Maybe this will reach some players and I find a good clan.



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You might be interested in joining my clan, although it's Mountain tier and the research is already done. You still can donate resources which we will use for future research and additional decorations, but your activity is even more valuable contribution.


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4 hours ago, (PS4)Fireworker77 said:

Well your clan seems interesting but I am searching for a PS4 clan. I dont know if the Clans work Cross-Platform but I highly doubt it.

Ah, sorry, somehow I didn't notice the (PS4) before your name.


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