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Hunting, Gear wheel, FPS DROP


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This topic has been covered a few times already but since there's still been no response and its becoming unbearable to play on orb even after reloading back in from fortuna, I'm adding mine to the list of "topics" to hopfully catch a devs attention.




After equiping either the traq rifle or lure, after about 3-10 minutes mouse movement or use of the gear wheel results in frame rate drop all the way down to 10 fps and lower. THIS MAKES IT UNPLAYABLE.

Leaving from orb to fortuna and loading back in does not fix this issue. Leaving from orb to orbiter does NOT fix the issue. ONLY reloading your entire game will fix this issue.

Meaning every single time you do conservation you will need to reload you game after 3 - 10 minutes just to go to orb vallis.


This is practically game breaking. SO DE DEVS please look in the forums and address this issue. MANY PLAYERS AND SUFFERING BECAUSE WE CANNOT MINE, FISH, USE GEAR WHEEL, OR HUNT...

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