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[] Orb Vallis Terra jetpacks enemies from dropships STILL get frozen mid air (Provisor, Trencher) + Elite Provisor still doesn't use Visor Laser.


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Title is self-explanatory. 

" Fixed dropship passengers getting frozen mid air. " from's patch notes. 

Also, Elite Provisors seem to not use their visor mounted laser, normal Provisors do but the ELite ones don't, hopefully this gets fixed soon, along with the dropship enemies getting frozen mid-air bug. 

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1 minute ago, Ailyene said:

I can confirm that, I am experiencing this as well. 

Not as bad as before; where I'd have to quit runs because of it, but I still see Trenchers in the sky in my games.

dunno about it being better than before, trenchers still run in place on the ground, still get stuck mid-air, every single one of them get like that as far as I've seen

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