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  1. yknow the "TARO" fighters in Corpus Veil Proximas? They're actually Orm fighters because I scanned pretty much all of them, they have different color schemes (purple) compared to the ACTUAL Taro fighters (yellow-ish) spawned in Venux Proxima. It's just the names that are not right, which is yeah, also a bit of a problem xV
  2. Ah, kindred spirit I see. I do seriously hope they fix it soon, seriously update have come and go and this has still been here despite numerous changes to the Kuva Lich system, like did this seriously go under the radar???
  3. Here's a video that says it all, it's just a bit after Kuva Liches came out. They come in, mostly stand around and run at enemies, occasionally use their abiltiies so they DO help to an extent but very little, they do not use their weapon UNLESS the player dies. As for Railjack, they at least do charge in and fight boarders but it's still VERY buggy, EXTREMELY unresponsive, they stay frozen in one spot UNTIL a boarder attack them, then they move in to fight, occasionally getting stuck in spots, and stay frozen again after that specific enemy die. It's just not very helpful
  4. Honestly dude, i do not mind that at all, but also being able to increase the weapon damage would be nice because I tell you, the HP and maybe shield also scale with the dmg% of their weapon!
  5. Shildeg-wielding Kuva Lich ally does not see to attack enemies AT ALL with their weapon, this has been a thing since Old Blood came out here's a quick video i made ages ago that shows the problem: Now with the new RJ update, they finally sort of attack with their weapon as a crew member against ramsled boarders....but ONLY in Railjack as a crew defender and their AI is still bugged there. They will not do ANYTHING until they get attacked. Plus their attack animations usually make them miss their swings.
  6. Well it's the FIRST lich I converted that I really favor, I hold a certain sentiment towards him, and he's rank 5 of course. As for resistances and immunities, I didn't know that actually but I don't think it matters too much when it comes to defending against Railjack boarders It's not like Grineer and Railjack boarders have a huge arsenal with viral and corrosive and what not to fight with anyway haha. I honestly just want to maximize my lich crewmate's stats the best I could. Plus, some people do have liches which they converted before reaching rank 5, having low HP, so I think it'd be
  7. Is it possible to add a system similar to Valence Fusion to converted Kuva Lich? Reduce randomness for Kuva lich hunting I want to be able to make my Kuva Lich crewmate that I favor has better health/shield stats and weapon dmg%, maybe by "fusing" or "consuming" another converted lich. It'd be awesome! Like Kuva Lich 1 10kHP/5kshield 30% weapon -> Lich 2 11kHP/6kshield 45% weapon = Kuva Lich 1 11kHP/6kshield 50%weapon
  8. I actually really love the Kuva Liches as crewmates, they really DO excel at RJ defenders. But is it possible that we can get Valence Fusion introduced to Kuva Liches as well? I think me and a lot of people would appreciate having less randomness when it comes to Kuva Lich's stats and bring their favorite Kuva Lich to the max! Some people did not know that you have to wait until a Lich reaches rank 5 to get the sorta-maximum amount of HP, armor and shield. So I think it'd be good to be able to maximize their rank and health stats by adding Valence Fusion to Kuva Lich, improving their
  9. Honestly I couldn't care less, they're just some mods, personally I think the addition of these mods are nothing to be over-reacting about. I swear some things don't fall into people's expectations and people start losing their mind over xD. Like whatever, sure DE could've done something about impact but it's not like they SPECIFICALLY put that in their list for this update, I personally think these mods COULD be ok for weapons with no crits and a lot of impact dmg, who knows. It's situational and I doubt it's their way of reworking impact, they're just some mods to add to the countless
  10. like how you'd normally do it, just click on the omni and you're teleported back, nothing has changed. unless you haven't got that intrinsic yet, then you gotta do it. But it's exactly like before, you still gotta get that intrinsic.
  11. what do you mean you can't use omni to teleport??? I've been doing it non-stop
  12. yeah, but the normal crew members can be a bit squishy sometimes in higher level missions, at least be4 the hotfixes, my Lich wrecks everything that comes aboard haha cause he's so damn tanky.
  13. what do you mean your new upgrades are gone, it took me only a few minutes to get everything back up to speed, except for maybe the hull but honestly to me, I kinda preferred not having any hull HP upgrades, make things harder xV
  14. honestly if I'ma be honest, I kinda hoped that we'd be stuck with the hull and shield we got after getting back into RJ. I think 6000HP on the hull is kinda way too much for the enemies to deal any realy dmg to you sometimes xD, it feels like you can just stay in one spot and well, not be affected by anything whatsoever. Even the highest level enemies can't do jack against my Railjack xD but it's not something that I have a gripe with, it is what it is
  15. Seriously? How in the hell do you not have enough endo? I pretty much got all of the mods that I'll ever need maxed out AND I have tons of rivens, and I recently had to max out some of the RJ mods, and I still have 300000 endo xD Personally I like this new RJ way better, THe new extra mission objectives in Corpus RJ missions really bring a change of pace when doing them instead of just staying in your ship while your team does nothing at all. And also, personally, Gian Point was honestly ass imo, hated the vibes that it enforced. Also, how in the hell do you have all that e
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