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  1. it's all about incentive, do you think everyone is more motivated to go into recruiting, say H> whatever relic, have their fingers cross to NOT GET DROWNED OUT BY other recruiting chats, RETYPE EVERYTHING if it doesn't work out which means having to do the whole [Relic name] manually (cant copy paste), bc that's how to get ppl's attention more, and the fact that not EVERYONE goes to recruiting chat to look for games for SPECIFIC relics. or is it better to just...let people matchmake with people who choose the same relics, bc that's honestly would just be much much simpler. YOU KNOW most people just cannot bother to go to Recruiting to do everything there... I'm not saying it's needed like NOW NOW, but it'd certainly be much better than going to Recruiting. I certainly NEVER able to get people who want to do the relics I want...
  2. every prime weapon starts out lower than needed as to not raise the bar too high initially I suppose, but they'll increase it overtime if need be I'm pretty sure, like Pandero Prime. Y-yeah I suppose not every prime weapon gets the better end of the stick in every disposition changes patch....but hey, I actually got a Tenora riven, tested it WITH normal Tenora and well, it actually does a little bit better than the normal Tenora (Dmg, Crit chance and Damage)...a few number changes go a LONG way. So I think the Astilla Prime will be fine. But yes, I do wish they'd funk up the prime weapons with some weird and fun gimmick but well...egh
  3. Man Trumna is already a beast without riven, I don't think it should be higher xD
  4. I'm pretty sure they do, dude. My on call crew member uses my karak wraith, it has primed shred and he uses it accordingly
  5. I mean, isn't that what they said? They didn't say it was Gara Prime that fell the Sentient, just said that Gara Prime was an orokin relic :V
  6. I think we all know about Electric Hazard on Railjack can sometimes cause the Hud to glitch and the tactical screen disabled even after you fix it. Fire Hazard also doesn't seem to do what it's supposed to do, which is making guns overheat faster and cooldown slower. I've tested a lot and the guns still seem to overheat and cooldown similarly to when there isn't a fire hazard.
  7. oh I think they should totally add more rewards, I do understand where a lot of people are coming from, not everyone can enjoy Railjack for what it is without rewards so that I totally get.
  8. I think Epitaph is really good, and it doesn't necessarily need any nerfing to its power. but I do think it should be nerfed in other aspects such as: - Ammo pool, it has 60 ammo, which isn't a lot but considering what the weapon Epitaph is, I think it could be lowered down to maybe 20 or sth. That should be reasonable I think. But all in all, I think Epitaph is alright where it is, it already has reallly low riven disposition so I think it was expected to be good anyway.
  9. removing objectives sounds horrible, I like current void storms, they make normal Railjack missions a bit tougher, I like the struggle. In the recent reddit AMA, they have confirmed that they will be adding more rewards to Void Storms or anything to make Void storms more worth while. it's even in U30's dedicated Trello board. Idk why you'd want to make Void Storms a better way to crack relics, just let it be a niche thing, serves a role as slightly harder Railjack missions where you can play Railjack AND crack a relic as a BONUS, not everything needs to be Sedna Hydron xV
  10. Call me a masochist but I'm really fine with this system, while I understand where you're coming from, it sounds way too short, fast and easy for my liking. It's a bit thrilling this way for me, having a bit of RNG, I was never really in a rush to acquire all the weapons anyway xV And I have like around somewhat 70 liches or more so far. and that's after a bit of time when I stopped doing liches constantly. As for the mods, never really found them to be an issue, right now I have 80+ for each requiem relic, and that's after I've burned through a bunch. Sure it can be a bit of a slow start at first, like everything, but after a while you'd naturally stack up those relics to the point that you probably won't even need them. I just casually go to a Tier 5 Fissure Defense or Survival mission sometimes when they pop up and just burn a few relics, mostly for Kuva these days because I have like 4-7+ of each requiem mod by now. Ofc at the start I did form parties of the same radiant relic to get the mod I need but after a while, you just do the tier 5 fissure missions and just let the RNG gives u the mods, if it doesnt then hey, 1200 Kuva, most of the times :V But I suppose it's a hit and miss for some people.
  11. yknow the "TARO" fighters in Corpus Veil Proximas? They're actually Orm fighters because I scanned pretty much all of them, they have different color schemes (purple) compared to the ACTUAL Taro fighters (yellow-ish) spawned in Venux Proxima. It's just the names that are not right, which is yeah, also a bit of a problem xV
  12. Ah, kindred spirit I see. I do seriously hope they fix it soon, seriously update have come and go and this has still been here despite numerous changes to the Kuva Lich system, like did this seriously go under the radar???
  13. Here's a video that says it all, it's just a bit after Kuva Liches came out. They come in, mostly stand around and run at enemies, occasionally use their abiltiies so they DO help to an extent but very little, they do not use their weapon UNLESS the player dies. As for Railjack, they at least do charge in and fight boarders but it's still VERY buggy, EXTREMELY unresponsive, they stay frozen in one spot UNTIL a boarder attack them, then they move in to fight, occasionally getting stuck in spots, and stay frozen again after that specific enemy die. It's just not very helpful and starting to become a bit annoying since my Shildeg Lich gets blasted so much, like a sitting duck. Please fix, I still can't believe this has gone on since The Old Blood came out, which is a very long time ago!
  14. Honestly dude, i do not mind that at all, but also being able to increase the weapon damage would be nice because I tell you, the HP and maybe shield also scale with the dmg% of their weapon!
  15. Shildeg-wielding Kuva Lich ally does not see to attack enemies AT ALL with their weapon, this has been a thing since Old Blood came out here's a quick video i made ages ago that shows the problem: Now with the new RJ update, they finally sort of attack with their weapon as a crew member against ramsled boarders....but ONLY in Railjack as a crew defender and their AI is still bugged there. They will not do ANYTHING until they get attacked. Plus their attack animations usually make them miss their swings.
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