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  1. Can we get Blast knock down effect back please! It's not the same issue as Impact because it's not a built-in damage type, you gotta build for it which makes Blast optional. Blast was a really useful elemental combo for a lot of weapons, especially launchers, the accuracy decrease effect that it has now doesn't do anything at all and it's kinda useless.
  2. It's been a while and I still wish the constant shield-regeneration aspect of Corpus shield gate to be removed. If you ask me why I still wish for it. It's explained by this short video below. Corpus already has Shield Ospreys to give Corpus pretty much endless amount of shield gating and shield regeneration already so I think removing built-in shield regen of Corpus shield gate won't really change much. In the end, the whole stopping lethal damage is the main working-horse of Corpus shield gate anyway. Plus, with armor-scaling nerfed on Grineer, even without shield gate, Corpus's already pretty on par with Grineer in terms of durability anyway, even without shield-gate. Corpus's also generally a way more annoying faction to face against, that deal a lot more damage than most Grineer enemies. They don't particularly need shield-gate anymore in my opinion, or at least as effective as it is currentlly. Just removing the constant shield-regeneration aspect would really solve the remaining kinks that I find about Corpus shield-gate and would make Corpus a lot more well-rounded faction. Perhaps a tiny bit nit-picky but I personally care a lot about the aspect of the game shown in the short video I posted above, I weighed the pros and cons, I believe it wouldn't really affect much of anything if my suggestion comes to pass and in turn, increase the enjoyment I have with the game greatly. I'm a big fan of going into Invasion missions to just observe the NPCs' behaviors and the entirety of Corpus shield gate, especially the constant shield-regen aspect of it, takes it all away. It's a niche pass-time but it's there.
  3. I dunno, it know it needed some...stream-lining. Now it feels like you don't even have to do anything. If I have to compare, I would very much prefer the pacing and speed of Railjack to be...slower, than what it is right now. Yeah who am I kidding, there's really no challenge. At least playing solo, it forces you to actually move around more.
  4. Honestly I don't know about you, I feel way faster than before. Sure you had more..."stamina" to do more boosting but the normal speed was way sloweer, plus, it took a long time to charge a mega-boost so it all felt slow to me. Honestly I'm glad that we don't have as much stamina as before. Railjack is a huge-ass ship it doesn't feel right at all to be able to just dodge left and right and crazy. Also yes, I know those were probably SOLO numbers. But I have to say, solo isn't really the intention of Railjack, co-op is and I feel like the difference between playing Railjack SOLO and playing Railjack with ONE extra person is ENORMOUS. Like I said, I was playing with 2 other dudes playing with each other, they were FLYYYYINNNNNG through everything in a span of 2-3 minutes, The moment we warped into the mission, we have 78 fighters and ZAPPED, suddenly all 7 gone, then 1-2 seconds later... 15, 27 fighters gone, etc... everything just disappeared...Granted he was using bloody Void Hole which is SUCH a cheese. Crewships warped in, they just moved between them, charge, poof, one after another, crewships just drop, couldn't even do ANYTHING. Even if they were competant....I think what they're doing isn't anything special... I suppose I wouldn't mind spawn rate but then again, the problem with Void Hole still remains....I think they need to add a CAP on the number of enemies it affects because seriously, increasing the number of fighters won't really change anything if Void Hole is used. I feel like hazards are pretty much non-existant now, they literally do much to NOTHING to the ship. 6060hp -> 5300hp is NOTHING, fighters barely does anything to Railjack. taking 50% shield means nothing as well. I think the fire hazard affects the most but still not enough (also I'm pretty sure fire hazard is bugged, it doesn't deal damage to Railjack at all, it does nothing.) I really wish that DE could increase the difficulty of dealing with hazards, maybe make it so that hazards work like Mining in PoE and Orb Vallis. where there are multiple spots that you have to point and click and stuff but of course, they are not scatted around the ship like before. Like yknow, a hull-breach has 4 points you have to "click-and-hold" fix. Now that there is only ONE instance of each hazard, it's not unreasonable to make a them at least a bit harder and more challenging to repair... Also I really wouldn't mind having multiple hazard instances and higher chance of hazardsz appearing back. That would give at least one person who has nothing to do SOMETHING to do. So yeah I agree with you there on the fact that DE should really scale up the difficulty of Railjack with more players...though It probably requires a lot more than what you suggested in order for co-op Railjack to feel like it requires ANY SEMBLANCE of effort to be put in. If you don't play Railjack SOLO, there isn't really any challenge as of right now.
  5. Effective speed is fine with Railjack right now imo. In the end it's still a giant ship. About the mission completion time for Railjack, I seriously do not know how it took you THAT long, even if it's just solo. I was just in a mission, with 2 guys they were able to stroll through ALL FIGHTERS and CREWSHIPS in 3 minutes TOPS. I couldn't do anything, couldn't even get a single bullet or rocket or anything onto the fodder fighters and crewships, had to go to the 3rd objective myself. That took 1-2 minutes tops.
  6. honestly it's pretty low hurdle at this point, everything is super easy to deal with it's not really fair to say that 😕 But they do manage to do it... when they actually WANT to attempt and deploy the bomb, which is pretty speedy. And when the bomb's set, It's the fact that it forces you to stand up, move and actually spend several seconds or so to look for the bomb and defuse it before it gives you a guaranteed catastrophic failure. Which takes like....quite a long time, Idk how long but it takes around 30s> or so for the bomb to explode so, plenty of time.
  7. Overall, I wouldn't mind seeing hazards appear more frequently and be more harmful than what you guys made it. They seem kinda....non-existent and VERY negligible most of the time. It really does make the....atmosphere of battle in Railjack a lot more faded than it used to be. It doesn't feel as intense as before. To extend on my thoughts on the enemy fighters' difficulty to fight. Despite the fact that I'd love for them to be harder foes to face against. I wouldn't mind you guys giving us Railjack levels that go beyond lvl 45 or so. Because that's the highest level Railjack enemies can get to in normal Railjack missions. Scarlet Spear is an exception where they can go up to lvl 135. I'd love to fight against that PERSONALLY.
  8. While I think the "only one hazard" thing is rather fine on its own. I've played around 3-4 RJ matches SOLO so far and I sincerely feel like you guys should make the single hazards even MORE harmful to the Railjack. 1) Increase the Revolite Cost? I noticed that the revolite cost only increase by like...5 revolite to remove a hazard, which makes it like 25 rev to do so. Which is barely ANYTHING. Increase it way more, considering how rare and easy it is to remove hazards. Make it....35 or even 50 or something. 2) Make HAZARDS a bit trickier to remove? Now that hazards only appear ONE of each type and very rarely at that, I think it's reasonable to make removing hazards a lot tougher. Here are a few suggestions i have in mind: - You have to do the "removing process" (holding down M1 and release at the check mark) multiple times in order to remove a hazard (maybe 3-4 times) - A single hazard has MULTIPLE little spots that you have to remove, just like how mining in Orb Vallis and PoE are like. It's not spread out throughout the RJ ship like before so it's better. 2) HULLBREACH honestly should take away more HP than what it is right now. a single hullbreach only bring your max RJ health from 6060 -> around 5400 or so which is honestly really nothing for how tanky Railjack is. It'd be very nice imo to make Hull breach takes away at least 50% or so of your total RJ's HP. 6060HP -> 3030HP when there's a hull breach would be great. AGAIN, considering how rare and easy it is to remove hazards, I think it's reasonable. 3) FIRE HAZARD deals higher and faster damage over time ? Right now it deals like 10 or so dmg to shield and 1 dmg to health per tick with maxed out Armor of your RJ, I think it should be more harmful than that. AGAIN, removing hazards is so fast and easy...and they're very rare so I think it's reasonable. 4) Make enemy fighters tougher but not as tough as before? Enemy Fighters take like...2-3 shots, occasionally only 1 to kill at like level 35. I dunno about this, some would call this a good thing, others would call this otherwise. I think it's fair to compensate for how squishy they are now and how TANKY our Railjack still is. - Increase projectile speed of some enemy fighters' weapons. - Make them fly faster and dodge more frequently perhaps. - They could use a bit of a damage boost imo. considering how squishy they are now and how TANKY our Railjack still is. 5) I sincerely think that the HEALTH REGENERATION of Railjack should be decreased a lot more than how it is now. It regens HP so fast that sometimes it really doesn't matter if you stand still and let enemy fighters shoot at you, you lose a few dozens HP, then it all gets regenerated back in split seconds. 6) ELECTRICAL HAZARD perhaps disables abilities, slow down your RJ's speed, if it hasn't already. I don't know much about what the Electrical hazard does currently, I haven't had it occured yet. 7) Make Grineer boarding parties attempt BOMB DEPLOYMENT more frequently when they board the ship, I know they can do that. PERSONALLY I think the bomb deployment that Grineer boarding party does is a GREAT "event-ish" scenario, really makes you have to go and look for them to deal with. The problem is how rare they do it. It's like....1 out of 10 times that occurs when a boarding party is onboard. Sentient boarding parties have their jamming drones, which they immediately deploy whenever they got onboard of Railjack, Grineer boarding party should be like that too. All in all, I think the Railjack Revisited Part 1 so far is....negligible, It looks a lot better than what I saw during the PTS from partners' gameplay. But I think we should increase the team-play and coordination incentive. I've only done solo so far and it's honestly so easy, there's really no point in going with a team. Unless going with a team makes the mission scales up to, depending on how many players there are. I don't know if that's a thing but I think it'd be a rather nice thing to incentivise teamplay, to some degree. It's still too easy in my opinion.
  9. If y'all haven't seen Brozime's and IFlynn's RJ Revisited Gameplay from the PTS, here they are There are good and bad things that I find about the new Railjack Revisited....mostly bad though, in my opinion, about gameplay. Here's my piece of the pie: Before I get into, just overall impression....do you guys see how FAST IFlynn mowed down those Grineer fighters in his gameplay....How is that considered...GOOD? i do not understand...It's just such an uncanny sight, for a ship as big as Railjack to just...have that mobility and absurdism... 1) Railjack's speed and boost system, especially the boost system, I find it INCREDIBLY disorienting and looks rather ridiculous, it's like you're...lagging through space. They're big hulking gunships...they're not supposed to dart and dash around like...sonic the hedgehog...Perhaps remove the boost entirely, just keep the normal speed and movement. 2) Enemy fighters are TOO weak, slow and pretty are just...paper target practice, compared to Railjack's speed and tankiness. 6060 health, even if you stand still at all time you wouldn't feel anything sort of REAL damage. 1 or 2 hundred dmg and it'll heal back in moments. Perhaps increasing fighters' damage, speed and projectile speed and decrease RJ's max health to maybe...half. 3) There's literally NO SENSE OF URGENCY left, no real need to go with a squad because it's an easy breezy stroll now. TTK on enemies is too fast, too easy. It's...boring. I honestly can't fathom on why people who find it....satisfactory to just...fly through Railjack missions in a span of a few minutes. 4) They buffed archwing, which makes staying in Railjack and using its guns completely pointless. If you use Amesha then you have 0 need for Railjack. Sure it's effective but come on guys... if using an archwing is supposedly more effective than Railjack then it's saying A LOT...why is it encouraged even further? I have found myself so many times, playing Railjack, with players joining me just leave me completely to go into Amesha, seeing the already weak and easy-to-deal with enemies, slower than turtles flying through my screen...what is there for me to do... 5 On-foot enemies are too easy now...I get that it's supposedly for...less tanky warframes and newer players to deal with them easier....but I have found ABSOLUTELY NO problem with dealing with them, even with rather squishy warframes. Also they got their armor scaling reduced, I thought that was good enough..... Also, Railjack enemies are so scarce, it's not endlessly spawning legions like in normal missions, you only have like a few of them to deal with...I thought it was supposed to be....quality over quantity with Railjack enemies. 6) Hazards on Railjack means NOTHING now. I seriously do not understand the whole ONE PER HAZARD deal that they're going for....It's NEVER been a problem with playing as a squad, you only find it a SLIGHT problem if you play Railjack solo, even then, you have Void Cloak which gives you more than enough time to deal with the hazards. And most hazards aren't even a big deal most of the time. So basically, DE is going into the direction of making Railjack into a...completely solo-able gamemode. There's gonna be no need for squad play, no need for coordination (which yes, I understand that players sometimes can be ignorant and not help out but still), no need to stay in the Railjack at all, leaving most of the features of it, unattended. It's becoming just another....rush to get all the things, all the rewards, all the loot and then just....abandon the game mode. Because they're making it so easy to play, there's no challenge, no sense of urgency, nothing to keep anyone playing, except for maybe future operations or events that force you to play it (Scarlet Spear). What happened to the "team-oriented experience" that was originally advertised...? I've never found Railjack's gameplay a problem before (if anything it was already too easy, even before PTS) , sure it wasn't VOID of any problem. but those problems I had were mostly about resources and looting and stuff. Which i believe, they fixed them up in PTS so that's cool. You get more resources and better vacuum I think...but that's where the improvement ends for me. I've played Railjack alone most of the time, it's a great challenge for me, it gets you on your toes, keep you moving and deal with crewships as fast as you can to minimize problematic situations. Occasionally people join in and it'd become a COMPLETE UTTER BREEZE to play. Now it's just gonna be kindergarden level, and just waayyyy easier than that with players with you. I can imagine me just sitting in one spot, not even having to move at all with my 3 other teammates flying around in their Ameshas and archguns, deeming my Railjack support pointless. I swear it's gonna go down like that. IFlynn was able to just went through those Grineer fighters like hot knife through butter, can you imagine how much easier and faster and ridiculous it'd be with 3 more players with him...
  10. It's not much about...nostalgia. Sure it's a bit of it but it's more like...the box head has become the image of the main Corpus's fighting force. It's palstered everywhere, old codex diorammas, Invasion UIs, nightwave cutscenes, Prime trailers, game trailers, EVERY WHERE! Even John Prodman still has his box helmet. It's not really outdated at all, if you compare it with the new helmets released for Orb Vallis Terra Corpus...there's kinda the same amoutn of detail, just in a different shape. PBR is already applied to the boxy crewmen's helmet. It's more for...consistency's sake. I like the new Corpus helmets as much as the next guy, but if the Corpus's boxy helmet is getting replaced with new ones in the supposed MAIN TILESET of the Corpus faction...it'd be a bit weird, over time, people would probably start asking....WHO ARE THESE CORPUS DUDES WITH BOXY HELMETS in like....Warframe-related images and videos and such. Surely you understand. It's like...replacing the normal Grineer lancesr that wear their iconic mask, that has been around in every warframe trailer, cover art, comics, art, etc... ENTIRELY with...idk, some weird variant that resembles NOTHING like them. You really shouldn't mess with these things that have been around Warframe for ages, unless DE has a way to complete replace every existing assets and such with new Corpus and Grineer visuals, it's gonna create a mess in aesthetics... For years and years since the start of the game, Corpus has always had their boxy helmets, Grineer has always had their masks as the representation of their armor...if they're going to change all that, people are gonna eventually get confused looking at the new and old assets, asking..."so are these dudes with boxy helmet Corpus or are THESE dudes with pointy helmet Corpus???" I wouldn't have minded if they just upgraded the overall quality of the boxy helmet (which isn't even that bad, compared to the new helmet designs) and keep the same, shape language of the Corpus's helmet that we're familiar with. Sure some may or may not like the shape language of it, EVEN I am not a fan of it but it doesn't matter, it's been the whole aesthetic of the Corpus since the beginning. I feel the new helmets should only stick to specialized Corpus enemy variants that are planet-specific and not for a tileset as wide-spread as the Corpus ship (Same with Galleon and Asteroid).
  11. I suppose I don't entirely disagree with your view. All in all, I don't mind it too much, I guess I just hope that DE would at least, eventually, come down fully with it. But yknow, I hope DE would at LEAST, keep the same color schemes, unique and iconic to both factions after all this. And still, about the new Corpus helmet....Personally, it'll take some time for me at least, to probably get used to it. With the OG boxy helmet is plastered everywhere already, it has become iconic to the Corpus, it'd be weird seeing it replaced entirely. Maybe it doesn't matter that much but it'd be very...uncanny, at least to me
  12. Now that...that is just...kinda perfect! It'll take some time to get used to the...helmet but I think I can work off it.
  13. While I totally get it. they're replacing the most common Corpus enemy type in one of the most common tileset. So I'm just kinda curious about the...direction they're taking. Grineer has their normal, no name desgination Lancers and Butchers and such Corpus has their normal, no name desgination Crewmen and Moas If they were to replace the Corpus ones in Corpus Ship, would they do the same with the Grineer ones in Galleon and Asteroid? I know it's a rather...strange concern but I'd like to see both Grineer and Corpus getting the same sort of love, in terms of enemy variety And while yes, Grineer does "technically" have more...."variants" They are almost entirely....recolors of the same enemy over and over. Like Kuva and Tusk elite lancers are the same. Arid/Frontier/Drekar/normal troopers are the same, all Butcher variants are the same. Napalsm, Bombards, etc...Only recently they are getting variants with actual differences. I feel like we shouldn't include open-world and Railjack enemies because they are kinda...in an entirely different environment, fundamentally. Plus, we haven't got Corpus Railajck enemies yet but they're definitely getting there. About the lvl 30 thing, yeah, perhaps. We'll see when it comes to that haha. And about the Corpus forces redesign. You're right, we're gonna see some inconsistency for a while. But I suppose they won't exactly go and change them, at least for a long while because DE did say that lore-wise...these remasters are....renovations. Corpus's new line of capital ships. And yeah, I suppose I don't mind the whole "generic" enemies disappearing altogether. That'd make gameplay more....interesting I suppose. But, setting all gameplay and such aside. Corpus ships, Galleons, Asteroids and such are very wide-spread tilesets. Unlike Mars, Jupiter, Ceres, Europa, etc... Their tileset isn completely planet-specific. So it makes more sense to have a more....designated force for those tilesets (Which Ceres and Europa still lack haha). So I suppose there should still be a sorta....main battalion for capital ships and such, right? The main...bulk of the army. Just like how in Warhammer 40k, the Cadian Shock Troops make up the bulk of the Imperium of Man's Astra Militarum (military). Like how Terra Corpus is for the harsh environment of Venus, Vapos Corpus is for the gassy environment of Jupiter, Tusk Grineer is specialized in Plains work, Arid for the sandy environment of Mars and such....And then we have the "generic" dudes, that are stationed on Galleons and Corpus ships, the generic "jack of all trades, master of none" regiment. I feel like the 2 factions should at least have that, it's rather...nit-picky I know but it kinda makes sense...theme-wise.
  14. Yeah I think I can get behind them but really...I just hope they'll keep the usual color schemes. Also the fact that Vapos Corpus guys alrready wear red, it'd be rather confusing I suppose.
  15. I wouldn't even say the boxy helmet's quality is THAT bad, but certainly the new helmets are cooler in terms of look. But the Corpus boxy helmet has been around the game and splattered itself everywhere already. If anything, I hope they'd go out of their way maybe...and at least replace the models witth he boxy helmet. Because personally it'd be strange to see the inconsistency. I magine DE going full Terra helmets but then you see the old boxy helmet crewmen in Codex and diorammas and pictures and such. Does it affect gameplay? No but it'd just be so weird.... Elite enemies are known to replace non-elite ones after a certain lvl. For both Corpus and Grineer, after lvl 15, Elite ones will replace both Lancers and Crewmen so I don't really expect it. Also, jackyl is currently in Venus, which is lvl 12 or so. But in the devstream it showed Jackyl and the enemies you fight going to it at lvl 30. Unless it's a placeholder number or DE increased the difficulty level on Venus, that's why I think Jackyl mgiht have been moved to a different region but I'm just speculating.
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