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  1. I do not know if this is a bug or not but it's been happening consistently for me. It occurs only when I join existing squads so this could be something to do with connection issues. Whenever I'm the one that starts the session or play in solo, this does not happen, Elite Lancers go back to their normal behavior of shooting 5-rounds bursts with their Hind. I stand right in front of them and I can confirm that I only take the amount of damage worth of one bullet.
  2. Well, you got me there, I guess I'm being a bit....tunnel-vision'd. I guess the main issue here is still the fact that...they can't be shot out anyway. Then again you know, not every warframe has good damage-negating abilties, I guess at the end of the day you gotta pick the right loadouts. I still think it'd be nice if DE could rework these grenades to make them more...interesting other than just, flat damage-dealing anyway, but I guess that's a whole another discussion.
  3. So some of you guys might not have known, DE gave Corrupted faction new grenade designs (which I find a bit odd because at the end of the day, Corrupted are still just converted Grineer and Corpus, they should still be using their old weapons). I have no problem with grenades being highly lethal, Though the fact that the new Orokin grenade and Corpus Grenade still cannot be shot out like Grineer one Here's the entirety of the damage-test I did, which I'm unsure of how I feel about it: Well, I guess at the end of the day, you need to pick the right loadouts for endurance runs. Though I still think it'd be cool for the grenades to to set themselves apart by gimmicks while dealing a bit of damage. Something like Grineer with simple Blast proc, Corpus with something like Energy tether and Orokin with some crazy space magic. In my opinion, it'd make things more interesting other than just flat damage....But I guess that's a whole another discussion.
  4. Minor nitpick: Please settle for one Alad V appearance for his transmissions during Disruption, because it's really weird to see him switching between his old collared, no scar appearance (pre-infested) and his collar-less, purple-scarred appearance.
  5. probably not that easy, the cloth is part of the helmet, not a separate mesh like valkyr's bonds and nekros's dangles. in order to do that they'd probably have to create new codes and system which is probably crazier than we think. And they'll have to do the same for her alt helmet too. but who knows I aint no coder
  6. DE, will you do the same lvl 30+ thing for Tusk Grineer? Thanks for the update!
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