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  1. If it's Void, it's the Corrupted Crewmen that do that. In Corpus missions, normal Crewmen throw them.
  2. They buffed the CORPUS Grenade since FOrtuna I believe, if you look closely you can see that Grineer and COrpus grenades have different designs and blast, not the same old blue explosion. Grineer's dmg is the same as old, but Corpus's got like...3x the Grineer's nade dmg, which will scale pretty crazily. I mean, I guess it makes sense cause Corpus's super high tech faction, while Grineer just use recycled metal and things here and there, very utilitarian.
  3. haha, what warframe do you play, cause I'm pretty sure warframes that don't have abilities or stats to tank dmg, you're gonna die to a CORPUS grenade at like....lvl 60. Would really love for the grenades to deal something other than direct damage haha. It'd be nice for the Grineer to use flashbangs like the big Executioner with two Heks. Or the Corpus could you some of the mechanics from the traps and ordinances from brokers in the Index, like the Vortex thingy, or the tether thing.
  4. I mean, tons of peoplee do endless defense to wave 53841 and Survival to like idk....34.8 hours or something. , if you get what I mean. I'm not one of those people but things get harder and harder, BIIIGGGG SURPRISSEEE. You have to stop at some point, even when you want to stick around playing for days sitting on a poop bucket. Apparently there's always a way. But I suppose the nullifying abilities part is a bit much for endurance runners, personally I don't care because I don't do long endurance runs. Maybe DE could do something about it though I don't want Demolysts to be a one-shot kill, that's just like...pathetic man, wanting everything to be one-shot-able.
  5. If you guys don't believe me on the "very dangerous" part, I tested in Simulacrum, Corpus Grenades deal 450 dmg at lvl 30 while Grineer at 150. With that kind of number, they scale quite alot as the level goes up, and they even cover a huge area of effect. I've seen my teammates die from them in Pluto Corpus defense just from one blast. And the fact that they are currently, can't be shot like Grineer grenades (Maybe Grineer grenades are the same ) is quite troublesome because you really gotta get away like really far to avoid the blast. Warframes with abilities that negate huge portion of damage dealt to them will probably be alright for the most part (Chroma, Rhino, etc...) but squishy frames like Loki are going to die no matter what in just one blast, when playing in high-level Corpus missions.
  6. i dunno, CC would kinda make disruption even more boring, imagine demolyst coming in, instead of you rushing to kill it asap, you just put up a CC skill that anchors down demolyst that takes away any factor that would make disruption a little more challenging than it is currently. Well...unless you like being a human-sentry, then eh, who am I to judge, personally I think that's a boring way to play warframe, we have enough of that in defense and survival and crap. I just wish they had made the conduits vulnerable, not only to demolysts but other enemies as well. As for enemies, yeah, I wish they are a bit more hard-hitting, the Vapos enemies don't really seem to be as strong as normal Crewmen and Moas. As for rewards, dunno about you but I do love my relics, maybe it's cause I don't have a lot of them despite my, the mods are barely gonna be used though but eh, who cares.
  7. Do you know that the Sentient were basically like...the Sentinels, bio-mechanical machines, we all know now that Orokin hasn't really used...actual, alloy metal and stuff for all of their creations, everything has something organic. Anyway, they were sent to the Tau system to do...terra forming or whatever the Orokin wanted to do. But they gained sentience, intelligence, soul. Orokin didn't make a fail-safe button lmao, that's what lead to their downfall that's for sure. If you paid attention to the Sacrifice Vitruvian dialogues, you would get the full story of the Sentient. I hope you played it, if not:
  8. No dude, Sentient was all machine, created by the Orokin, but they gained sentience and....well...the Orokin feared that and they tried to destroy them. I mean if they were humans, Natah (Lotus) wouldn't have said things like....became craving for life and stuff in the Ropalolyst boss fight. Lotus was born from mama and papa sentient, dunno how they procreate and stuff though but we know that they were capable of doing so before their...mass infertility. Natah stated that she's a mimic, to deceive and infiltrate, that's why she has a human-ish face. Anyway, I hope Natah stays a villain like this, it's way more interesting. or at least for a long while. And she sounds pretty....in-control tbh.
  9. Minor nitpick: Please settle for one Alad V appearance for his transmissions during Disruption, because it's really weird to see him switching between his old collared, no scar appearance (pre-infested) and his collar-less, purple-scarred appearance.
  10. A have a few nits to pick haha: 1) Themisto boss fight, clearly set wayyy before his prior turning to the Infestation, getting cured, Second Dream and CHimera Prologue. But Amalgams still get spawned in the mission, which is rather silly. I wish DE would disable Amalgams completely only in that node, and disable to the..."secret tiles" that have anythign relating to the Sentient. Because Themisto is pretty much the only Jupiter node that has anything related to older events. 2) His constant switching between collared, no-scar Alad V and purple-scarred Alad V, bugs me. Wish they would just settle for one model and that's it. Clearly they should go for the purple-scarred one, for all of his transmissions. Everything else is pretty okay.
  11. Exactly, then again, only the 2 new nodes (lvl 30+) after Themisto is taken place after Sacrifice. SO it'd be hard to...make changes for newer players. Then again, we already know about the Sentient experimentation on Venus Orb Vallis, and that's a very early planet. So I don't mind Amalgams being around Jupiter. And then there's the Themisto boss fight...seeing two timelines mingle together is quite bothersome...but I guess I can let it slide....At least disable Amalgams strictly in that node only, and also the Sentient labs secret tiles, like you said. At least they lock the Sentient boss fight behind a quest completion, in order for newer players to not get ahead of themselves.
  12. This is a tricky one for sure, I was curious about what'd happen to the old Jupiter boss fight, Alad V before his infested transformation and the Zanuka project. I mean, I expected this to happen, but I still got pretty surprised when I see post-infested Alad V appeared on screen to summon Amalgam enemies against me while I'm rushing to fight old Alad V with his pet robot Zanuka. I mean, you can't even argue that this is reworked lore, because in disruption it's blatantly announced that Alad V got back with the Corpus (or whatever collaboration with, maybe Nef), even said he wants to get back into the corporate ladder (I believe that's what he said). Old Alad V has his collar to control Zanuka and no infestation marks, the new Alad V clearly doesn't have the collar, simply cause Zanuka's pretty much gone now, also he has his infestation mark, which I'm glad they put it back, a shame they didn't put it in the Wolf of Saturn Six dioramas. But I guess this can't really be...helped, I suppose we should just...ignore the Amalgams being a part of the old boss-fight and nothing more than...ambient obstacles. Because I suppose it'd be a lot of work to implement the newly reworked tileset with the old boss fight without changing a whole lot of things, like putting away all the Sentient research hints and secret areas and Amalgam enemies. But there are a few problems regarding the lore chronology with the reworked tileset...regarding the star chart and such...but I suppose it has never really mattered much before because well....the lore chronology placement in Warframe is a big mess...and only veterans that have been around long enough will know the full story of everything. I bet a portion of newer players will probably be super confused to see two different Alads from different points in time, appear on screen when you fight the old Alad V on Themisto node. I guess it can't be helped, I don't think doing a...lock-out is good for business for DE so haha, nah. But it'd be nice if DE can...create a LORE section in the codex to tell the story of Warframe from the beginning to end as you go along the star chart, planets to planets, it will slowly reveal the story and lore for you. Because if you haven't played Warframe long enough, you won't get anything, unless you're willing enough to go through wiki pages and videos to get with the lore.
  13. It has come to my intention that DE has changed the grenades that the Grineer and Corpus throw, probably since the Orb Vallis update. I didn't want to say anything until they addressed the abysmally short detonation time of the Corpus grenade (which has just been fixed again).. But now that that's out of the way, I want to address the grenade that the Corpus Crewmen use. Some of you guys probably know this but compared to the Grineer grenades (which deal 150 at lvl 30), the damage from the grenades that the Corpus use is 4 TIMES higher (around 600 or so at lvl 30). Before the whole short detonation bug fix, I have joined squads that died so much to the Corpus Grenades, especially in Sortie Void Defense. It was almost impossible to locate the grenade with only the sound cue. Its AoE is also quite big and alot of the times you probably won't even know whether you're getting closer to it or further. I think it'd be more interesting to change the grenade mechanics into something more...interesting than simply dealing damage. And personally I find it a little sad that the Grineer grenades are far less efficient than the Corpus one but I suppose it makes sense because the Corpus's more technologically advanced. Some ideas: I've thought of ideas, don't particularly know if they're good but it'd be cool if the Grineer were to: - Use FLASHBANGS like Executioner Dhurnam or maybe, - Use FRAG GRENADES, deal a bit of slash damage over time from shrapnels to make up for the low initial blast damage?. - I also think that it'd be good if the NAPALM GRENADES thrown by Tusk Troopers and Kuva Lancers to perform like Saturn SIx Fugitives' napalm grenades. Corpus grenades could: - Perform stuff more...high-techy like some of the ordinances thrown by Index Brokers: Vortex, Tether, etc.... Listing ideas is a whole lot easier than executing them of course, but for now I really want the damage from the grenades used by the Corpus to be toned down a bit. because with frames that don't have any invincibility-ish abilities or companions, in high levels (50+), they can sometimes get easily wiped out by an unsuspecting Corpus grenade. I suppose a normal grenade indicator like in a lot of games also works.
  14. To be honest, I doubt they retconned anything, dunno why you'd think that. It'd be a pretty crappy direction to go honestly. Warframe does have a pretty wack story-telling structure though, if anything I hope they rework how to tell the lore and story of Warframe so far in the star chart and such.
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