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Need Help Farming Mods D: (Accidently Fusion'd Rank 10 Serration)



Sooo....yeah one of the worst single things to happen in Warframe just happened to me today, I was up at 3am, just about as tired as one can be and playing Warframe because I have no life.  I was trying to rank up my Hornet Strike Mod (serration for pistols) and I thought my serration mod had the number 4 for rank 0, not 14 for rank 10.  I will now have to GRIND my way back to rank 10 as I spent all my survival event mods on my serration last weekend and only have about 5 left.


I'm looking for people looking to do the same, farm farm farm farm farm to their heart's content

also, I need people who know where all the hidden spots in the void are and will be willing to trade their Void keys to get credits (I host, then you host, etc, etc)


message me in-game or send me a message on Warframe forum if you're interested in either




P.S. I'm still crying (mentally, but I'm so manly that when I found out I fused my serration mod, I only cried for 20 minutes)

[props to you if you know the reference]

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If you haven't fused it futher in, you can try and contact the support, they might be able to "extract" it back out.


What i mean is, if the mod it was fused into, hasn't been futher upgraded or alike.


I am not 100% sure about this, if someone can clear me out on this, it would probably help 2 people or more.

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