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Wrong drawing order of glass on Garasu Oculus


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Hey DE, it's item from the latest Tennogen and not some old stuff unfixed for years. Hell, it's right on the main page right now advertised alongside with the rest of Tennogen stuff. And I've paid real money for it. I mean I do pay for plat too, but that is plat, it could be traded. Not in this case, though. Yet... just look at this:


And now look from sides:



Do you see hear anywhere near oculus? No? I don't see it there too, yet somehow hair is drawn over glass parts of the oculus.

BTW, note that amazing floating in the air earpiece. It's not just Ki'Teer's one. It's like this for pretty much every earpiece including Tennogen earpieces. Could you please fix this?

Crosspost from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/a2kmaq/wrong_drawing_order_of_glass_on_garasu_oculus/

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