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  1. You know, it's quite obvious that it is intentional change even without that explanation. It end up in the notes after all. That doesn't change the fact that Chesa became pretty much useless (well, maybe a tiny bit for Khora since bodies don't disappear and she doesn't have 100% re-roll). But as soon as you encounter Khora + Hydroid/Nekros Chesa will be completely useless. Also, Nekros/Khora won't work well in combination with Hydroid because he will reroll everything alone unless they will steall stuff from him. At least they will work together to some degree by Nekros picking bodies which didn't drop loot after Khora failed. But that is 45% of the bodies he normally re-rolls which makes putting them in the same team a lot less effective. And that if Nekros even can re-roll whatever Khora failed to re-roll! I'm not sure this is the case now. Also, does Nekros ignore bodies from successful Khora's re-rolls or still rolls a health orb from them (which would be nice, but waste of Desecrate time). So, ye, the initial question were are they going to undo this completely intentional ner-f-ix? Or at least that part which forbids Desecrate/Retrieve double dip with Khora/Hydroid since they leave bodies behind and these two skills literally pull them apart to get more resources. Double dipping makes sense there, unlike with Retrieve on Desecrate since neither leave the body behind. That truly doesn't make sense even if makes it at least half-useful... Same as Retrieve to actually disposing of body. There never were logical contradiction between shaking extra loot off dead bodies and shredding them into pieces for even more loot, though.
  2. Welp, here goes Chesa. Bye-bye Chesecrate. This mechanic were _barely_ useful and now it's straight useless. Also, it seems like running Nekros alongside with Khora or Hydroid is a bad idea now since both have higher re-roll chance than him... if even useful at all, since he won't be able to Desecrate piles of bodies produced by either. Especially if we take into consideration that he doesn't desecrate separate body parts as well anymore. Awesome. Surviving in long Kuva runs will be even more fun now.
  3. Well, damn. Forgot about those and also Tennocon stuff. You can't get the latter even with money if you came too late. Beside that there are two types of prime extraction drones (I don't recall a way to get blueprint in the game) and 1 extra slot for extraction drones for those who paid at least for something. Don't recall exact details on that one. And there is a bonus Orbiter decorations for those who buy prime frames. Once per year during the New Year even you get a package of miniature figurines of prime frames with these wobbly heads which you bought during that year. In-game you can only get figurines of normal ones. And we have the famous Excalibur Prime which nobody beside those who got him at launch would be able to obtain ever. Well, the last one doesn't really coun't/matter. So, ye, would be really great if there would be a way to obtain at least these armors in game.
  4. Technically everything in the game (with exception for Tennogen items "thanks" to Valve >_<) can be obtained in game for free. The point is that it is not free for everyone. Someone still have to spend real money to buy plat to add it into ecosystem. Others can trade items for plat and spend plat however they wish, though. In comparison to many other f2p games this one is quite fair, I'd say. Majority don't let you trade anything important like good items or "premium" currency and Warframe is a nice exception. It still not really free to play as for everyone and on that I agree, but for majority it is. I do agree that in perfect f2p everything should be obtainable in-game and shouldn't take eternity at that and that "cosmetic" items are the same content as everything else (and actually do affect satisfaction from the game quite noticeably), but we ain't living in the perfect world yet. 😕
  5. Dear DE, Could you please make file optimization feature not require 20+ GB of free disk space? I've installed this awesome game on my SDD drive (for performance reasons) alongside with OS, however disk space there is very VERY limited. In fact right now I have there exactly 20 GB of free space and I have to use multiple different tools to remove temporary files created by system and browser just to be able to optimize game files. And it looks like soon I won't be able to use optimize feature and will have to reinstall game from scratch after each major update just to keep it in proper shape. The main offender here is file "F.TextureDx9.cache" which takes entire 22 GB of disk space and every time optimization procedure runs it have to write entire new copy of this file before removing the old one. Could you pelase split it in 4-6 parts to reduce disk cost of optimization feature? I do understand that a single file is a lot better from performance perspective than a folder with a few thousands separate files which it likely stores, but splitting it in 4-6 parts shouldn't affect performance in any significant way. Or at least let me set separate directory for temporary files on a different drive and use it when there are not enough space on the current one? Thanks for working on new features in the game, but please look at this issue.
  6. Not true if host dies and leaves. I stuck with 1 point after host migration.
  7. Suddenly, everyone playing only as Valkitty with self-healing stick, Hyldrin with immortality cheese build, Inaros with absurd amount of health and self-heal and Limbo with long timer microbubble. In primary and secondary only Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon. First 3 survive through their gear instead of abilities (technically Valkitty benefits from Ethernal War, but doesn't require it for survival) and you need something to protect extractors, right? And obviously these obnoxious drones are even higher on KOS list if they somehow not on the top position yet.
  8. Why not vampire perk on everyone instead? Somehting like 0.5% of whatever damage you deal will heal you for a certain period of time. One tremendous mass-heal is barely useful to stay alive since you normally either not receiving any damage at all or have your own way of damage mitigation like one of the healing mods on a melee weapon. In both cases healing most likely will went off when everyone are on full health or slightly scratched instead of when it's actually needed. Or after charging it may act as Oberon's Phoenix Renewal and on receiving fatal damage prevent it and heal you while consuming this buff. Similar to an extra life in a way.
  9. Most likely they spawned/fallen in some fun place like ponds on the sides on Orokin maps which exist in every second room. When drone falls in one of these it just stays there unable to fly away for some reason.
  10. Oh, look, new obvious griefing strategy: join Arbitration mission, die every minute or two after each revive. Does number of such "deaths" is limited? I hope it is limited.
  11. As I understood as soon as someone dies these little pesky things will start dropping around you and auto-pickup and the only way to get rid of them would be to run to the downed guy and revive him asap. And it will be even funnier if they stay on you when someone else revive him first. That will be priceless. Well, unless you want this additional challenge, I guess.
  12. Projectiles are just bounce off of it from both sides. As I understand it's not supposed to do this at least from inside. As I know this bug also affects Arca Plasmor and AMPs with Shwaak Prism.
  13. That's actually arguable. Well, of course if you fire right under your feet or in the wall in front of your face then that's on you and you do using it wrong, but unfortunately Warframe have a little bit too many surprise obstacles which appear on your screen right when you fire you weapon, catch your shot and make it blow up in your face. At the very top of the list are your teammates and ospreys of all kinds. They pop completely out of the left field and you can do nothing about that. Another annothing thing is shields. You can turn around the corner to shoot in the room with nothing right next to the door on the radar and have a face full of nully shield. Good thing if you notice it in time.
  14. Here is an image: https://imgur.com/9np0dnx Notice objects floating to the left (region 1) and to the right (region 2) from the main syandana body. Now look at the similar object in the region 3 which emits energy around it. I think it makes sense for objects in regions 1 and 2 to emit energy as well in a similar fashion.
  15. Oh, comon, some are indeed end up terrible, but some were better than any existing skins. I'm fine to pay with plat to be able to keep Xiphos Prisma skin on my Liset and Scimitar. Hell, if someone make tennogen as good as that I'll buy it instantly.
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