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  1. i absolutely don't want this because i have bad eyesight, it's difficult for me to check what weapons they hold. You probably have terrible sight in such case since most of them are very unique. I'd prefer both, though. It doesn't make sense for a random icon to just pop up and tell us what will happen to this larvling in the future if we choose to stab it. It will make a lot more sense for larvling to wield a _normal_ version of a weapon against us. This way icon will just tell us what weapon this larvling already have and into which kuva weapon it will be upgraded rather than predict which random gun queens will issue him or her for no particular reason.
  2. I'd prefer it to be "Kill N liches of a given type to get an Ephemera". Ephemeras were introduced as achievement reward rather than a game of chance yet only a few in the game follow this rule. Majority are hidden behind a roll of a dice and that's not a reward for dedication. Someone may kill 30 liches and won't get a single ephemera while someone else will get each one from the first try. Of course it's extreme cases, but that's how randomness actually work. You may flip a coin and it will land the same 30 times in a row. Probability of such outcome is incredibly low, but it can happen and being on the wrong end of the Bell curve is a terrible experience. Receiving tokens for killing liches and buying ephemeras from a vendor would amend this issue. Maybe even from the very same Palladino even if she won't offer service to kill liches. 10-15 tokens should be quite enough for that. Of course liches themself should have an ephemera. Maybe even all of them. But it should either not drop at all or drop with low probability by being a nice surprise for some players while everyone else will have predictable progress toward it. Another option would be to reward an ephemera for making a "perfect" weapon of a given type, but that means completionists will have to make a perfect kuva weapon with impact damage bonus which will rub everyone quite the wrong way due to it being the worst possible damage type in the game. But this still will be a reward with predictable progress to it.
  3. Aww, dammit! Now they useless again. :(
  4. Good, this is how you actually reward the dedicated players rather than just make it a drop chance and reward random people instead of those who actually do it over and over again. This also should partially kill awful abort farm for these chests. Please add scenes there for tokens as well.
  5. I've used it a bit to get my 6688 (which I got by occasionally playing) to 8888 and honestly you don't need to go any further anyway and 8888 is quite easy to get just by playing RJ 2-3 times a day. Yep, I haven't played it much. Ranks 9 and 10 provide very mediocre bonuses, so whoever spent hours farming them is not "far ahead of the game". They just got their hands on a few questionable bonuses which doesn't worth to get or doesn't even work properly. Even 8888 is not that important unless you really want all the bonuses for archwing. What you _really need_ and what determines outcome of the RJ missions when you play them with your own ship is Vidar Reactor with 70+ capacity, good guns and avionics. If you have that you can play with 3-5 levels in all intrinsics just fine (you have to reach rank 7 in one skill to access the Veil, though). I do understand the desire to "max out" everything and I like to do things like this myself, but in case of avionics it isn't important. They provide only a little "progression" and last 2 ranks are pretty much useless. Besides, abort farming intrinsics is boring as hell. It's one of the best ways in warframe to burn out (right after farming Vidar Reactor... 4% drop at mission end, lol) and not play Warframe for a long while. Just play the game and eventually you'll get that 4x10, seriously. It totally worthless, but whatever. Personally I don't plan to invest any intrinsics into remaining levels until I secure another 255 for 5th one, so I'll have 88888 or higher when it will be released.
  6. Main reason people are using Amesha is first skill which makes you... immortal. Very useful when pretty much everything oneshots you with goddamn seeking projectiles. Using anything else up until this patch were awful. Even Itzal with invisibility was nowhere near that because you had to stop every now and then and not all kinds of seeking projectiles were telling you that you were being targeted by them, so occasionally death were completely silent and unexpected. At start it were also broken and everyone shot at you even in invis. This change alone should help, but I think people will keep using Amesha for a while now. At least I will.
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