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Auto-Marking useful resources


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Hi! 😃

If someone of you has done a syndicate mission, could have notice that when you pick a mark, mediallion or other things they ere auto marked for all the team.

Do you think could be a good idea to extend this to other particular-important drop that could be found in a map? For now i'm thinking just about Ayatan Sculpture & Rare/Forgotten crate. 

But maybe we could personalize wich resources could be auto marked when they are taken by a player. This coud be useful for all player, cause beginner, that need everything could get marked for orokin cell, control module and the rarest nano spore. Higher rank can personalize their "auto-mark menu" with the things they need for auto-mark control module, ferrite, alloy plate but not the gallium.

I hope you have understand my super bad english and my super great idea.... tell me what do yuo think 😃 

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