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The bait abyss.


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I dont know is this is the right page to post this but here i go. 

i normaly dont complain and just wait for the bugs to be fixed the bug than make your baits sink has been bothering me since fortuna launch is annoying and wastefull but i i have been just accepting it as a fact and just buy more bait, but this time was just plain unacceptable 30 baits, 30. from diferent angles in diferent positions, at 15 i just tho "well is probably bad luck lets close the game, open it again and maybe baits float this time" so i did that go to orb vallis again and boom 15 more synatid baits to the garbage. should i mention the iluminating floaters work just fine the 10 throws i try?. so i just throw what? 12k rep to the garbage. this would have been understandable the first week fortuna launch not almost a month later.



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I have the same issue, with both the luminous dye and various baits. Here is what I've learned so far:

To replicate simply go to the Vallis and approach the shore of any body of coolant. Equip the Vallis specific fishing spear and then throw in the bait or dye as indicated in the bottom right-hand corner. You will notice that most of the time the bait simply disappears. 1 in 30 baits or dyes will work, approximately.

What seems to make the likelihood the bait or dye failing is if the coolant is deep, fish have yet to spawn, or the stuna spear is equipped. I don't have stats on that because I have just recently noticed.

This really is a bad bug since otherwise if you get the bait or dye to work, fishing is quite fun and rewarding, but this bug makes fishing related resources ridiculously expensive. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Happy Holidays!

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