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  1. The price of player trade-able items such as prime parts does vary depending on a number of factors, such as popularity, rarity, length of time vaulted etc. - even time of day. A good measure of current prices for certain items is searching their names on a site called warframe market (https://warframe.market/), where most serious traders end up (trade chat has been a mess to find anything for ages). Current lowest price for Volt prime set as of writing this post is 170 plat, so I'd say you got a reasonable deal. Nyx also isn't too popular, so will be cheaper.
  2. You could try glaives/Wolf Sledge, where I believe hold E triggers the throw instead.
  3. Your intentions with the stance rework sound good; no more will we be propelled away by certain stances while trying to finish off a more stubborn enemy. One point though, as an occasional user of glaives and particularly the Wolf Sledge, please please please do away with the really annoying half-swing before you actually start to throw the weapon. As it stands, throwing has such a long wind-up time - breaking fluidity and leaving you vulnerable - that it is very clunky and off-putting even with amalgam organ shatter equipped. The throw when dual-wielding is much better. Otherwise, I can't wait to try this out!
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