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  1. I got the statuette a few minutes after the stream ended and the Athodai has appeared this afternoon - still waiting on Hydroid and the staff skin though. I presume getting the statuette means I should get the staff skin in due course? (I arrived in the relay about 30 seconds or so in.)
  2. OK so here's a question: what if Warframe plays sneaky? Say the Worm Queen performs continuity on a suitably important but weak-minded person and ultimately gains control of her own non-negligible Warhammer faction, complete with tech. Anybody fancy a Grineer spacemarine chapter, now also spiked with Kuva so they can't die? Or maybe she'd have better odds of success with a different faction? Also how much mayhem could a cephalon or sentient cause if it got access to the right computer systems, and how wide a sphere of influence could it reach?
  3. I actually quite like Temporal Anchor in that it is what makes Protea unique. On linear missions when speed is of the essence is isn't very helpful, of course, but at other times it is nice that it rewards forward planning as, when thoughtfully placed, it can be a very useful repositioning device or recall point. (My current lich is probably well sick of it by now!) Running lich missions and not getting anyone join - as is sadly too often the case - I also found it great for marking a safe point, diving into a particularly dangerous room then winding back. It has great synergy with the Twin Basolk's rift strike too - either for in-and-out strikes or, if timed correctly, preventing relocation due to rewind. Perhaps some options on cast; say, tap to have echoes catch up as per anarchy753's suggestion above and hold to rewind after the duration as per current? For a time manipulation frame, however, I would prefer her other abilities to be more time-y rather than Vauban 2.0. At the moment she seems to have a rather confused identity. Working with them as they are, however: Her 1 is difficult to aim and, while the alternate shield option is very handy, it would be less clunky if it were applied directly to the squad rather than having to be picked up (plus wondering if the desired type registered correctly). The damage option isn't that strong, either. Her 2 is a decent idea but needs serious buffing in terms of damage and duration. Her 3 is OK - but still outclassed by Wisp's 1, so very mediocre for a 3rd ability with the associated energy cost. Alternatively go for 3 more time-y abilities, e.g. one could be something like 'borrowed time' - release an outward wave that slows enemies and accelerates allies caught in its radius (or as an aura following Protea), either wholly or partially such as fire-rate, so it sits neatly between Volt, Nova and Wisp's similar abilities while maintaining its on distinctiveness. Or if you wanted to do something really cool, give her one 'time travel' type ability - such as her current 4 - then make 3 other time-y abilities that have their own effect, but when used in conjunction with the 'time travel' ability gain additional effects based on common time-travel concepts, e.g. chrono-cloning, paradox damage. The more abilities (and which ones) you combine during your 'time travel' duration, the crazier the added effects. Also because the additional effects would be delayed, the player would have to plan ahead, making a frame that is tricky to master but powerful when you do (and probably suited more to higher-level missions where enemies aren't already dead from squad-mates) - or just give the added effects immediately, a bit like Gauss. If power-limitation is needed, the player could take self-damage/self-stun from the paradox caused by combining too much too much while time travelling.
  4. Actually I've been cooking up a dojo wishlist for a while now; I've just started a new thread here:
  5. So with the recent Deadlock Protocol update we got the lovely surprise of Fortuna themed dojo decorations and a space room, and not long ago we got a Sentient theme too. As somebody who likes dojo decorating (I recently started a solo clan for this purpose), this is great, and thank you to the devs for all this fun stuff! So, for all the dojo decorators out there, I'd like to start this thread to collect a collated reference of dojo ideas so the devs can see what is popular. Please keep ideas neatly bullet-pointed for easier reading! To get us started, here is my dojo wishlist: Cetus themed decorations (as per the Fortuna ones) - which we could then embellish with the ship decorations already available Cephalon themed decorations Simulacrum access console Cephalon Weave room - similar to the simulacrum/Suda's syndicate room etc. Place-able NPCs - they already exist in relays, the drydock, Cetus and Fortuna Donate spares or assign copies of active liches and pets to the dojo - either guarding a marked location or patrolling a marked route; this also gives us reasons to create more after we have all we want for ourselves Aquarium with the option of adding fish from the Plains/Vallis, and/or a customizable swim route - to go with all the aquatic plants and such already available Syndicate contacts - either console or NPC Please reply with your own ideas!
  6. Actually we already have this: check out the 'obstacle course architect' room - unless you're referring to personal ones, of course. The shooting range and challenge room would mesh well with the idea of the simulacrum; a simulacrum entrance for dojos would be handy too.
  7. Hiding caches/rare crates on occasion? Any Kuria down there? Or something special yet to be discovered/implemented? Hmm, sounds interesting...
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