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  1. "Still being recovered?" She cocked her head as she followed the cephalon. "Sounds like your House and myself are in a similar predicament." That was awkward, but perhaps not unexpected; the Mystic's tests were not meant to be easy. Knowledge lost had to be sought by trial, and now she understood: her answers were most likely tangled with those of House Tanis, buried somewhere in the ruins of Lua's depths. The Garuda stood a little taller at the prospect of meeting this challenge. "Please take me to your Steward, and give me..." she paused. She might have forgotten a lot, but she was a fast le
  2. The Garuda shifted from foot to foot, an absent-minded claw swiveling round to scratch her beak-like face. "Ship repairs would be useful, but Shadowmaw can be prone to ship-guarding, so first I would speak to whomever can accept his cert. Also any record-keeper who may know whether," she paused, shifting feet again, "whether I have been here in a past life. Then I would gladly recover treasures for trade, yes. I will follow you."
  3. Same here: Twin Basolk for the win, especially if I'm using Protea. XD Of course, you can always put the skin from the Saryn deluxe bundle on them...
  4. The Garuda paused once more at the drone's approach, but visibly relaxed at the friendly greeting. By way of response, she placed her hands together and bowed a greeting of her own. "Greetings, Cephalon Idri." The frame's voice was husky, with an odd reverberation to it. "Cephalon,"she repeated, testing the word. "Like Loid, yes?" She cocked her head, stalking round the drone, inspecting it with apparent interest. "I am known as the Crimson Valkyrie. Crimson will do. I presume you received my message, then? I... seek answers regarding my past that may be found here." She opened a palm and
  5. Once upon a time I used a glaive; that was before Skiajati existed though.
  6. The Garuda paused, her pointed head shifting point-to-point in an effort to discern the source of the voice. None immediately obvious, she bowed her head to the Vulpaphyla at her side. <I'm sorry friend,> she thought, <but you're going to have to wait behind for a bit.> The Entrati Son had provided her with a holo-muzzle collar for such cases, but that didn't really cover claws - or horns either for that matter. Perhaps the certification he had provided - countersigned by his Mother - would suffice; she would have to see when she got inside. For now, however, Shadowmaw ha
  7. The ship came hurtling out of what little atmosphere Lua had, its flight askew, seemingly aflame until it got close enough for the frantic firing of its front thrusters to become apparent. At first it seemed it might hit the top of the Spire, but it somehow managed to lurch round it at the last moment - clipping a nearby rock pillar instead - still trying desperately to slow down. It bounced off, landing gear descending in some kind of forlorn hope, and by luck more than skill hit the landing platform with a terrible screech as it finally slid to a halt. Part of the landing gear could be heard
  8. Or if you feel you need something more tanky, Valkyr (Jupiter boss) or Rhino (Venus boss) are pretty easy to obtain. Other than that, make sure you're modding correctly - vitality is a basic defense mod for most frames (exceptions being Hildryn and Quick Thinking builds) and don't forget to rank it up a bit. Edit: I read more thoroughly and see you have a Rhino ready to go. The best way to get plat - assuming you spent your starter plat on something other than frame slots - is by trading prime parts and certain sought after mods. There's a site, https://warframe.market/, that most traders
  9. I have a character idea; I'll wait for you to OK it before I post an entry on the IC thread: Name: Unknown Alias(es): The Crimson Valkyrie, Crimson for short Species: Human - Zariman Tenno Gender: Female Mental Age: Mid twenties Biological Age: 17 Appearance: Brief History: Personality: Equipment: Skills and Abilities:
  10. I think the idea of the folding on some wing syandanas is to prevent them interfering with your aim. I don't think the razorwing replaces the syandana though - I'm sure I'm still getting my spore trails from that infested one that came out with Deimos. I will say the Night Hunter doesn't look quite so good when folded, but most of the time I don't notice it (but then again I don't use it with Titania). I just wish there were a captura setting to force open wings - trying to get both your pet standing the right place and the wings open takes aaaages right now.
  11. And I thought I'd checked every week; must have missed one. Good to know, thanks.
  12. Oooh now that would be cool. Sorry about the late reply; notifications didn't come through for some reason.
  13. Kudos to DE for keeping things going despite a very unexpected and difficult few months. Hope you all stay healthy. I have one question: given the extended nature of the current Nightwave and the fact that Xaku is now the newest frame in the roster, please is there any chance of seeing Protea's alt helmet BPs added into the cred store rotation for Glassmaker?
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