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I'm not sure how else to describe this than some strange issue I ran into just a couple minutes ago during a defense arbitration mission that could possibly be a bug. Maybe other's have experienced this? 

What happened was that I joined a public match for a defense arbitration mission and 9 waves in someone then messages about someone being AFK. Curiously I ask who because for all intents and purposes to my eyes everyone was currently participating. They respond that I was the one AFK and someone else in the group asks for confirmation if I really was. I jokingly reply that I was AFK. On my end it was showing that I was playing during those first 9 waves and as this conversation progresses with my teammates so did anger at what to them seemed I was purposely provoking and simply leeching. Then suddenly I seem to teleport to the starting point at the elevator and I'm utterly confused, as I try to explain this situation to my teammates. One had left by then and I explained to the remaining two that on my end I wasn't AFK. I think with one of the teammates leaving the group it fixed whatever issue I was encountering but I was also wondering if it could have been an issue with my internet connection or in some possibility a bug that other players have run into. In any case if it is a bug I hope some attention can be diverted to it sometime soon because I would hate for others to be accused of being AFK when it seemed otherwise to them at the time.

If you have experienced this as well please by all means share your experience so that this gains some attention (and to prove I'm not going crazy imagining this). Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a great day.

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Most likely has to do with your connection when you entered the lobby.

The game puts the character model at the spawn and it just stays here while you're playing on your side and burning/killing stuff.
You're practically invincible if that happens because your hitbox is chilling in the spawn and enemies don't care for it.
I've seen one of my friend having that and a revenant on my very first arbitration.

You do get pretty heated up seeing someone walk in a circle in the spawn while you're getting your behind beaten, you can always check the mission contribution or ask them directly to see if that's the case.

Might wanna not make an AFK joke next time though.

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Thank you for your feedback and advice! Guess this means I'll be looking for a good internet deal sometime later down the road to prevent any future mishaps like these if anything. 

It's hard not to joke when you feel like someone's pulling your leg and you're naturally a jokester but I see the wisdom in what you say, I'll be more mindful!


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