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[PS4] Fortuna misc buggy bounties


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Must have done about ~10 bounties so far, and quite a few of them have been buggy. Listed below findings so far:

1 - The bounty stage where you have to steal the containers that drop from Corpus. No containers dropped. Waited maybe 10-15 minutes, eventually gave up

2 - Defend the drone and kill 30 reinforcements. Killed 15 reinforcements, at which point no more reinforcements showed up. Waited maybe 10-15 minutes, eventually gave up

3 - Hijack and defend the Coil. No enemies showed up, so I just sat there waiting and bounty done ( yes I made it, but pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to work )

4 - Draw out the assassination target. Requires 1000 credits looted. Did the credit looting,  got the bonus reward, but assassination target never showed up, so bounty stage cannot be completed



- All bounties were T1 and done solo. I have videos saved in case it helps ( up to 15 minutes each but can trim down if needed )

- For bugs 1 & 2 , I tried walking around the area without success. Venturing too far would greet me with the "Abandoning Objective" warning.

- Bug 3 happened 2 times

- From clan members feedback, apparently excavation missions have issues with no power cell units spawning for 10+ minutes ( cannot confirm as it didn't happen to me )

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