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Search for Axi Relict farming. DONE



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8 minutes ago, (NSW)MountainDewX said:



I search dudes for farming Axi relicts.

MR 11. I can go to all Plants.

On Switch.

Prefer German dudes bcs my english is crap like hell...


scroll down until you see the tab (View Void Relic Drop Locations List)

press on it .. and you have every relic that you can farm and where and how much % drop rate contains

(its an official wiki for warframe ) you shouldn't trust to much with third parties links .. as we all know that script kiddies doeing there best to steal your info)

but its up to you ofc

- Use Recruitment channel for teaming up for the farm -

LF = Looking for ( insert relic name )

Good luck there Tenno

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