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[Hotfix 24.1.5] Orb Vallis Terra ELITE Trenchers STILL get stuck midair (Unsure about Elite Provisors), Terra ELITE Provisors still don't shoot their visor mounted laser.


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This is the....third (or fourth?) time that the patch notes state that this problem has been fixed, Now I find it pretty hilarious honestly.

I think it's probably because they only fixed the NON-ELITE varients of the Trenchers and Provisors getting stuck mid-air and didn't take into account the ELITE varients. Pure speculations, I'm a veteran so I haven't played the bounties below lvl 30 in Fortuna yet. 

Also, normal Provisors still shoot their signature visor mounted laser while the ELITE varients do not. It's definitely a bug but if it really is intended that way, I dunno what the logic behind that is ://

I really do hope DE gets this problem fixed soon because while it was amusing at first to see Trenchers moon walk in place and get frozen midair and stuff, it's become ridiculous, I do wonder what exactly the dev team fixed when they stated it in the patch notes 😕

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