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Track & Tranq: no call point/zone spawning


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Had this a few times allready, so definately is repdroducible.

Touching the 'I-was-here'-spot of the animal, sometimes has no yellow circle spawning of where the call point should appear.
That very call point, didn't even spawn at all.
I searched high and low, and nowhere within the radius of where it could appear, was there any sign of it.
Since there is no call point, tracks don't show up either.
For they have no target to link to.

New 'activations' for a track & tranq, on another spot, are being disabled as well when this occurs.
Effectively forcing the player to return to Fortuna, to 'debug'.

(I would've added screenshots in this post, if those stopped breaking links. For now, they are for dev-eyes only.)

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Just want to bump saying this is happening to consoles too.

 I’ve actually noticed it more when there’s a host migration going on; no matter what happens after that tracking is not available as it doesn’t show footsteps nor a radius to follow.

 Another one is the longer I’m out on the Vallis, the more this (and other) bugs become more pronounced. This was happening to my fiancé and I last night when we were out there for about an hour. Had to go back in, then out to reset.

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