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The one thing I've loved the most since Fortuna dropped is the conservation system. But oh my Saint Nick, do you guys have a TON of bugs/problems with this system.  I don't know how this got let out into the real world in the state it's in.  And while I thought I had found a ton of bugs while using the system by myself, it got FAR worse when I tried doing it with my son or any group.

Now, let's get on to things:

  • Variety: There is way too little variety within the species. It's bad enough that you locked out 2 of the species entirely until you get the 2nd highest and fully highest rank with a brand new ranking system to even attempt to acquire the buggers. But within each Pobber, Virmink, Bolarola, and Kobradon is 3 sub-species. And the rarity of these sub-species is WAAAY too small. I can do 20 Pobber captures in a row and 18 of them will be "Sunny" Pobbers.  Same goes for "White Breasted" Virmink and "Spotted" Bolarola's. I can't speak for the Kobradon's yet since I'm not maxed rank yet. But this is absurd and there's no reason for it. I've confirmed that it has nothing to do with the temperature nor location in Orb Vallis.
  • Locations:  I have screenshots of call spots that are underwater, inside a tree, etc. Sometimes I can still use the spot, but frequently I can't. 
  • Footprints:  Fortunately, you guys seemed to have already fixed this one. Originally, the footprints were just too hard to see on certain terrain, especially the orange meshy part. 
  • Pobber Immunity:  Originally, I tried doing conservation using my Trinity Prime and her Well of Life. It worked well with the Virmink and Bolarola, but the Pobbers remained oddly immune. They would get hit, glow green, yet instead of being held in the air as they should, they scampered off like nothing was happening. 
  • Runaways:  I couldn't count how many times the creature(s) took off running long before they were even close to me and no, there were no bad guys around or anything else that could have 'spooked' them. 
  • Pathing:  The animals very frequently get stuck, especially in rocky terrain and they absolutely will not cross water, yet the system allows them to spawn across from the water.
  • Capture Stuck:  This happened exclusively when I was part of a group. It didn't matter how large the group was or who was the leader. It also didn't matter who tried to 'collect' the creatures or anything else, but very frequently, especially with Pobbers (since there are 3 at a time) we would collect 2 out of the 3 and the third would get stuck mid-capture.  The only solution was to go back all the way to Fortuna.  Needless to say, this started pissing people off since it happened 100% of the time. 
  • Inactive lures:  More than a few times, when in a group, we followed the footprints and one of us tried to use the lure but there would be no reply.  We'd move out of the area, and come back. Still nothing.  It didn't matter who tried and we eventually both tried for obvious reasons.  

There are many other bugs that I've encountered.  I'd be happy to beta test these things for you. I happen to still be an unemployed single parent, so I've got some free time. But this is ridiculous. 

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