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Losing ALL LOOT in Fortuna Openworld Toroid Farm


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We were extracting, and i got downed on my way out of Temple of Profit, instead of reviving, I let my teammates who were closer to extraction meet up. I re-spawned in the elevator, but when mission completed it showed on my screen that I did not pick up anything or get any loot from the mission... It was a 48min toroid farm with resource chance dropper, and double resource booster... I HAD 28Calda toroids, 26Sola toroids, and 4Vega Toroids. But just as I extracted, i lost it all....
I didnt get a screen shot of what i had before extraction (i didnt know this was gonna happen) but i took one after, showing how i lost everything....

Here is my screen shot after the mission:bug_fortuna._losing_all_loot...png

This one is from a teammate during the mission, it showed that he still got the loot. as did the other 2 teammates in squad.unknown.png

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Same exact problem for me too, lost dozens of toroids. Although I only lost 1 hr of time, it's still very discouraging to sink time into farming the new content when I have to gamble on whether I actually receive my rewards. Hopefully [DE] can give this issue priority as it's really game-breaking.

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