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Ice secondary weapon! (No art)


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(Im really happy with ny Sibear and my Glaxion ❄🖤❄ They actually go together quite well and i can do some combos with them to bring annnyyy enemy to the their knees and begg  for mercy only to be frozen and shatter into tiny pieces >:D BUT im missing a secondary weapon..)

Im not good with names so ill just call it the



Damage Stats:

Puncture: 30

Slash: 15

Cold: 75

Weapon description: Two pistols made of ice and a little bit of sentient technology. The weapon has two firing modes.

First fire mode and semi auto. The weapon has 20% crit chance, 2.5 crit damage, and 20% status chance.

Secondary fire: Switches the weapon into a charge shot weapon. When the player begins charging the weapon, the warframe puts the two pistols together and fires them. The two bullets swirl around each other with snow around then, passing through and damaging enemies. Enemies that werent affected with cold procs are now under the cold statuse effect and enemies that were are frozen and 2x bonus damage. (The cold effect in the last sentence cannot be changed with the use of elemental mods)

Stats for scondary fire are the same as the weapons primary fire but it is amplifed by 2 IF the player maxe charged the weapon. Including the crit and status chance and crit damage. Charged shots consume 5 ammo.

Finally the weapon doesnt have ammo just a slow rechargeable magazine that maxes at 50. (Adding this because i realize that the weapon can deal quite a bit of damage)

May this dream come true 😛

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