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Warframe Changes.(Excalibur, Frost And Ash)


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I love Excalibur and Frost that I got Ex. prime and Frost Prime and Ash is a ninja I love ninjas



I notice there SHOULD be some changes to some of Excalibur skills and how they work I mean Slash Dash is great but why does Continuity affect it? and why doesn't Continuity affect Radial Blind  and i think they need to speed up that skill cause by the time I bring up my melee weapon I have taken too much damage maybe making it a bit quick or earlier WILL help.Super Jump Is a good skill though but i think it has to be changed but I don't know what but I feel he needs more than a "super jump" (fun to use heavy impact though". I think Radial Javelin is find though...



His first skill should at least be an area effect cause it deals to near no damage so I think this is a fair change.

That is the only skill I want to be changed



Blade storm takes too long make it so he makes clones of him self attacking more than one enemy at once or speed up the animation...

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Continuity affects slash dash because it adds to the duration of the dash effect, making you go further. This makes more sense than Stretch or other range boosting ability, as Slash Dash is a local/self only power.


I do agree that duration (or possibly power) boosting effects should help Radial Blind.

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yup, Cali just needs to have Radial Blind affected by continuity/constitution and a faster radial javelin animation


about Frost ok with the AoE effect on freeze (i proposed it many times, an Aoe cone of freeze, half the freeze duration but CANNOT unfreeze if dmg'd)

also Snow Globe will likely be toned down like Iron Skin, Link and Bastille so i think Avalanche and/or Ice Wave will need a buff


about Ash, teleport needs to stun target on arrival and blade storm must be more fluid and faster

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