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Nyx rework, new bug with mind control and absorb


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Ok so been testing out the new nyx QoL updates since Im a nyx main, and I have a few thoughts.

1. Is mind control intended to make your mind control target invulnerable? And I mean after the 4 seconds to load up damage,  it did not do that previous to the update, and I dont remember the dev workshop mentioning anything about that. Could be wrong621QcOq.jpg It 

2. Can the description for mind control and Psychic bolts be updated to reflect the new changes? It would be nice to know in game what the new bolts debuff actually are. I know what they are, but an updated in game description would be nice.

3. Why did you have to make psychic bolts affected by power strength? Why couldnt the default debuff be 100%? Having to incorporate strength into my build is a pain now since building previously was only for range and duration, its annoying that I might have to reforma to get the 100% needed for the debuff. I understand you only need 30% for the full debuff, but dropping any of my range or duration mods will significantly impact nyx. Do I want overextended? nope, requires even more strength mods. Do i drop narrow minded? Then what do i do about my duration and the previously forma`d slot?

4. Absorb is still basically useless even with the changes to allow her to absorb different elements. How often do enemies actually ever use elemental weapons? Almost never, and even If I self damage without the augment, against level 100 enemies the damage is still atrocious.

5. Can nyxs augments be updated? The psychic bolts augment is still useless, the chaos augment is niche, absorb is mandatory, and mind control seems ok but even with the mind control change, and the 500% extra, the mind controlled enemy still does minimal damage at high level

6. I also have found another bug with absorb, while using the assimliate augment, the absorb counter magically gos up on its own, and Im not even being damaged or shot, that did not happen before this patch. Ugh

7. Can the mind control windup timer be increased? Even with natural talent, I lose a full second of time before Im even able to shoot my mind controlled target, thats precious time I could be using the load up my target with more bullets, 1 or 2 extra seconds would be plenty. 1 would counteract the lost of time with natural talent, 2 should counteract the lose without that mod

8. Can the mind controlled enemy please be adjusted so you dont have to kill them at the end of a defense or interception round? There a friendly AI during the duration, If i mind control a eximus or something I would prefer to keep them as long as possible. Its tedious to have to recast every round and hope you find an enemy worth mind controlling, the regular trash mobs die too fast when targeted to make it worth using on anyone other the eximus or heavys

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