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Simulor can't equip firestorm.


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Neither the synoid nor the normal simulor can equip the Firestorm mod.

Patch notes from 24.2.0

Simulor series Changes:

  • Changed from semi auto to automatic.
  • Added a small amount of recoil for feedback when firing.
  • now has proper accuracy stats so mods will effect it
  • Firestorm and Terminal Velocity Mods can now be equipped.
  • Reduced Aim Zoom from 2.23 to 1.6x.
  • Damage-over-Time damage is now affected by +damage mods
  • Updated the overall FX.   
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i too am unable to equip firestorm which is a damn shame as i was really looking forward to that one.

Also i'd like to ask about the simulor in general. looking at the wiki for both simulors the information is inconsistent as the regular simular claims it can proc statuses during the DoT but the synoid one claims it can't (and i've observed it can't)

I was really hoping that it would crit during the DoT after the crit boost to the synoid but it can't do that either. I'm just curious what the intended function is during it and also if firestorm will affect it when the firestorm bug get's fixed.

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