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Nyx Rework Suggestion


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Mind Control. 

    * Should have Specter AI like what most people have suggested.

    * Doesn't hinder defense missions.

    * Maybe they should reflect your Primary and Melee weapon's damage rather than shooting at them to boost their damage.

    * Remove the duration and make them last until they die, since their health/shield/armor scales with their levels.

Psychic Bolts.

    * Her ability to disable auras and defenses is amazing but make it last longer, I guess, and make it recast-able.  Should have priority targets for each faction.


    * It's fine as it is.  But give her a buff to have more evasion during chaos to complement her new passive.

    I'm confused with the changes.  Does absorb absorbs only one type of damage? If not it should absorb every damage type received and display the types of damage and the current/total damage received for each type.  Basically, they will stack separately but is released all at once when detonated.  And if a status procs on Nyx during her absorb, status chance should have an increase.  It should also have a wider radius and a damage multiplier.  I've read that Octavia's 1 can scale almost infinitely and allows her to move but Nyx becomes stationary and pretty much out of the game when she starts absorbing with minimal damage output.

I don't know if my suggestion is valid enough since I'm pretty much a noob but I really like Nyx to have a better position than where she is right now.  XD

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