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New moa legs use the wrong color paint chipping


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The paint chipping on the new moa parts doesn't match the old parts at all. With both parts using a white background the old parts seem to have light grey chipping, where as the new parts have an ugly yellow/tan color. It really makes them look out of place and not fit with any of the model/gyro/core at all. Some of the other colors don't seem to be quite right either, as an example the metalics on the new parts seem paler and less metallic. The discrepancy isn't as noticeable on darker colors but on lighter ones it really stands out. Not to mention that the tan color on the new parts makes it look dirty not used like the chipping on the old parts do. Me and other plays in my clan have put allot of resources into these moas as im sure other players have to, we would really like our hard work to be fully worthwhile. 

Thank you for your time: Lone_Traveler


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