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one pheromone used all my pheromones at once


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i bought 3 pobber and 3 vermink pheromones to try them out.

the first use was with a pobber, and it consumed all 3 at once. there was no ui change or message or anything that let me know any had been used, but subterranean pobbers did spawn.

second was with the vermink, and the same thing happened. and the fps problems i've been posting about for two weeks caused me to lose the vermink that spawned. (switched to zoom, waited for the fps to bounce back from 12 to 60, then it dropped 8 as i fired, which made me lose the vermink. i literally just updated my graphics driver).

i got screenshots before the vermink spawned of what my pheromone inventory looked like

the lower right hand icon said i still had 3 even after i clicked it, until i went to my gear wheel did it show i had, apparently, 0, and there was nothing to show that any had been used at all.




i'm thinking of putting in a formal support ticket to see if i can get the standing back on the vermink pheromones that were wasted (i can live with the loss of the pobber ones because i managed to get 2/3 of the subterranean ones that spawned) but wanted to make this to see if anyone else had a similar problem. :/ 

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i put a ticket in to support right after i made this thread, and i still haven't heard back yet.

since then i've experienced another drastic problem about switching pheromones. you can't. if you hold down 3 (and don't keep holding it down while you press ESC) you will end up using whatever you have selected, which wastes the pheromone because that's the whole reason why i'm pressing and holding 3 to bring up the gear wheel to change it? AUGGHH

i also had the same problem @IcicleFerret had. i bought 2 of each type of pheromone up to stover and used 3 total, but when i got back to fortuna and load back to orb vallis i had none. this has happened 3 times and the first two i thought maybe i'd just mis-remembered how many i'd bought.

i've learned to work around these things (only buying 1 pheromone type at a time) but they're still very impactful issues that really, really need to be addressed and could be VERY easily and quickly fixed. because as a whole i really like conservation as a gameplay mechanic. bolarolas are alien pangolins how tf can i not love that

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Nice, had 5 stover pheromones and all were used up in one go.  Didn't even get the rarest species.  This one is especially frustrating as it would have been caught with even the tiniest bit of testing.  Also seems like an absolutely simple bug to fix, yet two months after this bug is found, it's still an issue on xbox.  Steep grind rates become exasperating when the game is literally stealing back from you.  I expect that support ticket led to absolutely nothing.  But at least the market is always working and syandana display problems get fixed quickly.

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2/22/2019 I was just out hunting yesterday.  I baught a crap ton of pheromones cuz I had res booster.  10 stover, 10 horrasque, 10 saw,  10 kubro, 5 pobber, 5 bola......

I didnt have any problems with my scents disappearing...   I even stopped playing for awhile and went back, still had what I had left at the time.   Im on PS4.


I will say the pheromone window is very buggy.   If it was one pobber pheromone and I was trying to catch a kubrodon I would open the pheromone wheel and hit kubro and the gas would release but it would still show pobber scent in the window in the lower right,   Not until I switched to my tranq would it update to what I actually had equipped or used last....

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