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Equipping the same weapon in Archgun and Heavy Weapon slot shows the stats of the mods twice


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I am aware that Heavy Weapons have slightly different stats than their base Archguns-- this isn't about that.


The title is pretty self-explanatory, but to be very clear, refer to these two screenshots:

Screenshot 1 (Config A - Corrosive)
Screenshot 2 (Config B - Radiation)

Under my Vehicles menu, I have the Imperator Vandal equipped to my Archwing slot (refer to Screenshot 1) and the same weapon equipped to my Heavy Weapon slot (refer to screenshot 2). They use config slots A and B, respectively.

In Screenshot 1 things appear normally.

In Screenshot 2, it looks as though the mods in Config A are being applied on top of the mods on Config B.

Note the numbers in white vs. the numbers in green. The numbers in white are what my Config B should be. The numbers in green include Toxin damage, which is impossible with the mods you see there. The toxin damage could only come from the mods in my Config A being applied after the mods in Config B.

I can confirm that if I change my Archgun slot to a different weapon or to my Config C (which is completely empty), I see my Heavy Weapon as having the stats that it should.

This bug is purely visual- I have gone into missions and tried to pierce enemy shields with the supposed Toxin damage. It deals none.


I suggest also testing this bug with two different weapons that both have Gravimags installed. I only have the Gravimag installed in my Imperator Vandal, so I don't know if this bug only happens if you select the same weapon to both slots.

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