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Flox syandana has misleading description


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The current description on the flox syandana claims that the more damage you endure the more it opens up but when testing in the similacrum it only ever opens up after a bullet jump. Either the description needs to be fixed and the plat cost refunded for players who bought it for the description or make it so that it does change after taking a certain amount of damage.

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On 2018-12-20 at 7:24 AM, MAXIMUM_ILLUSION said:

lox syandana claims that the more damage you endure the more it opens up

That is party incorrect.

The way it works is ONCE you are taking damage on shield/health - it opens, not (Opens up more).


basicly this has 2 stages, Closed - Open. (not open 1-2-3).

This is Directly after my Bulletjump (upwards) and SCRN when landed.


Once Landed and stood still for 4 seconds, it closed - No damage taken.


Sometimes during missions, like Capture - Exterminate - Sabotage # It opened up once i toke damage (note: i was not moving) just shooting.
- So yes this is kinda bugged and not working-as-intended, or the tooltip information is misguiding. (DE Decepticons, you know?)

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1 hour ago, JFK_Had_No_Revives said:

doesn't look like a 100 plat brick

I wish the casing was abit more "Sparkly, Reflective" i mean it looks right now like a piece of 15 platinum value... 

If its suppose to look like 100 plat, They need to improve its look and effect - Way to Silly. "REFUND PLEASE!"

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