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  1. i tried it once myself using the "FORM UP" function during the mission countdown... and yea i noticed it happens EVERYTIME if so that the ship bugs out and you cannot enter. However i did this on SOLO mode and with a Friend-only, friend with me to test it and each time it bugs. Sometimes the SLINGSHOT is the only solution, but most cases 90% you have to leave as Host to make it work by 50/50 chance for the rest of the squad. Suggestion: Remove the mod "FORM UP" (squad-recall) or ....... change it to heal all wherever they are?
  2. For some reason only Host can Start or FORCE missions atm, everyone dont get the "Yes or No" option..
  3. Source: https://imgur.com/a/WPGBhb RAILJACK MISSION - UNABLE TO VOTE - SQUAD MEMBERS - LEADER HAS TO FOCE START MISSION/DRY-DOCK/RELAY. Once a mission is completed the group squad members are unable to click YES or NO to vote for a new mission, doesnt matter if its Mission / Dry Dock / Relay. - It only gives the "X" option (sometimes) - Always says Vote for mission... but the buttons for "Vote options" doesnt show up. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Please do something about this... its like were back to first days or Railjack bug issues... for some reason
  4. If someone using a FORM UP (recall to railjack) When the mission says "teleporting crew to objective in 5...4.3..2..1" and by that 1 the form up recall... The mission bugs out and cannot then enter the "ENTER THE CORPUS STANCHION" - Basicly even flying to the door again doesnt give the "enter" option and the mission MUST be aborted... cant even use navigation to force a fail back to DRY DOCK... This should be an alternartive option if the mission bugging out. Neptune Node (Bottom right)... Mine something. (NOTE: this happens in ALL missions that force-squad teleport) if someone
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