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  1. bump @DE_Adam any update about this? did i ping the right Dev person? (if not who handles art/bug)
  2. Frame: Limbo Skin: Limina Skin --------------- Attachment Legs: Paradiso Leg Plate Legs: ILIAC Ankle plate ISSUE: Attachments are not applying to the frames legs (since he dont properly have some), same issue sometimes applies to (wisp). - The attachments are appearing to be floating without attached to the frame and also dis-placed not behind but Left-left-behind-back (from leg).... like where "NORMAL Limbo Prime" skin-legs are"... but its different on the Limina skin. Source Pictures (Imgur) - Piled of pictures of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/7Ekyia7 Pictur
  3. True, I had to make a new one... but i did freak abit when it happened.... not that it caused massive "blow" for me. but it was a sad situation when it happened
  4. If picking up the KEY to use on the DOOR with Operator. It basicly cannot be registrated by the system if you throw it, (i normaly want to use operator) as it goes faster to reach the doors... but having to DROP key... Enter Frame ... Pick up Key --> THROW.... is a very dull and time soaking thing to get it to work. Not sure how many times we had to FLY away from objective to get "Mission Failed".... to basicly then reboot it from a Mother in the Deimos outer-world... Please can you fix this? so it works with OPERATOR aswell as FRAMES? - Note: Would be nice if the "Necramech" co
  5. @[DE]Steve @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Adam @[DE]Aidan @[DE]Helen Please help me have this implemented... like emergency fast, so we can Abort and cancel the "SUBSUME" If we only have one version of the frame (and no prime of it yet)... Litterly i dont know what to do... i dont have formas/cant afford the hours of grind again for the frame (as-of-now). We who do make misstakes must have a chance to cancel it before the "Timer" completes... please!
  6. If someone subsume the WRONG frame, there need to be an option to ABORT/CANCEL the subsume function. Not only RUSH it... I have done the misstake to send my Best-frame into the HELMNINTH system and im litterly Panicing... THERE MUST BE AN OPTION TO ABORT IT! PLEASE!
  7. Source: https://imgur.com/a/IFRhiTD Regarding the new Helminth System in warframe. Would be a very nice niché to see when you sitting in the chair or in Arsenal to see what frame has been consumed already like the picture suggest... So you dont do like i did before running 5 times down to helminth.. just to get the information "you already consumed this". I want something that directly tells "Already Consumed".... And when your in the Helminth, you can see on the right side of abilities the frames consumed. Side Note: The flowers should if possible also have a "Frame-Name" above ea
  8. Any chance you trying to feed him same non-prime version that you already did before? he wont take twice same frame :) Also feed to 100% of all requirements and then, after 23 hours you may subsume another new frame (only one per day)!
  9. Patch 2020. Daughter (Kaeli?) : Unable to open or USE the option for "Cut fish" - She speaks and bla bla... but then somehow the section "auto-close" and returns to the Pick one of 4 options.. (Standby mode) when interacting with her. Can this please be adressed i cant build mutagens / Antigens or any weapon parts since i cannot get the parts now....
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