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An idea for Warframe of fear


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New Warframe Idea

Dinigat (dinigat’ē from Amharic - Shock) - Warframe of scare and terror.
Basic information:
Health : 125
Shield : 50
Armor : 200
Energy : 100
Sprint speed : 1.10

Dark figure, face covered with a metal mask with places for eyes. Posture straight, a bit massive and serious. On the body, numerous spikes that either adhere to the body or stick out (when using skills 2, 4 and beginning 1). On the head, the spikes are folded backwards. A torn syandana is attached to it. His face under mask is ragged, there are deep scars, including one that passes through the eye. One of his cheeks is torn apart and can see what is in his mouth. It has a slightly open mouth with many sharp teeth. The eyes are bloody red.

Alarmed enemies near Dinigat, standing in the shade are stunned at the first damage received (from the player) for 2 seconds.

Skills and look of them:

1. Absorbed Soul - Dinigat jumps to the enemy, catches and raises him to absorb his soul. It give him (random) 25 energy or health. Enemy get damage (from 200 grow with the level), he falls to the ground and can be killed with a finisher.
Look: When Dinigat is jumping the spikes on him are protruding. After raising the enemy, Dinigat absorbs the soul by pulling it from the mouth and absorbing it.

2. Panic Outbreak - Dinigat's spikes rise and fired. All enemies within 5 meters get spikes dealing 100 points of damage (numbers increase with level). Opponents who are not killed lose 50% of the armor and can get bleeding.
Look: The Dinigat tautens out by pulling out the spikes, then he shoots the spikes. At the end of the skill, new spikes emerge and adhere to the body as before use the skill.

3. Spectrum - Dinigat leaves his proper body to visit the enemies as a ghost. He can take only a melee weapon with him. Any opponent who notices him can not move from terror for 2 seconds and the strength of the shields decreases by 10% (these figures increase with the level). Dinigat can be a spectrum for 10 seconds and this time increases with the level of the character and depends on the modes.
Look: Dinigat turns once and a ghost comes out of his body. It looks like his rights body but it is brighter and the legs are blurred. He holds a weapon choised by the player in his hand.

4. Phobos (Greek god) - Dinigat takes off his mask showing his frightening face, protruding all the spikes he has and starts bloody hunts. At the start of the hunts roars, stunning enemies for 5 seconds. When you enable the skill, it acquires several properties:
- gains 1.20 sprint (no change at increasing level)
- when his shields run out, his damage increases by 25% (percent increases with level up to 75% at level 30)
- every damage dealt into his life is absorbed, passes through the multiplier x2 and strengthens the next damage inflicted on the opponent (the multiplier gradually increases to x4 on level 30)
- every enemy who first sees Dinigat is in horror for 3 second -he don't move (no change at increasing level)
- reloading speed increases by 50% and attack speed of white weapons by 10% (no change at increasing level)
When the skill ends, the spikes break out as in Panic Outbreak. Skill productivity increases from 10 energy phor second to 3 energy phor second at level 30.

To get this warframe I would suggest to do a quest that will be like a typical horror (more scary and creepy than Chains of Harrow), in the course of which you will get diagrams for components and for finishing the warframe scheme.

I hope that the idea will be nice and I would be very happy if this warframe got into the game
Thanks a lot to everyone who read this!

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2 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

... but Nekros tho:

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Your description there kinda seemed more "edge" than "fear" TBH.

Also, there's a section for Warframe fan concepts, funnily enough, at



Should I send it to fan section ?


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